Meoto Life 3 (めおとらいふ3

Nimaigai, Moule (二枚貝ムール

Copyright Chouette 2021

Scenario: Shichifuku Sayuri 七福さゆり / Komichi 小道

Genre: Lovey dovey / Sweet love

Company: Chouette (カナリアレコード

Date: 30 April 2021


Website to buy from:



You and Hiromu Tokiwa are happy married and fully enjoying the newlywed life. I want a child with my lovely husband and fully agrees. He immediately purchase a men’s loupe and observed his sperm. He tried abstinence as a form of birth control after searching on the internet.


I thoroughly enjoy the entire Meteo Life series, as it depicts a lovey dovey couple trying to conceive their first child. It’s ridiculously sweet, but oh my, the sex scenes are incredible! This series really makes one very broody indeed. Enjoy!


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