Kyokugen Kareshi ~Chikyuu ga Nakunaru 30pun mae~ (極限彼氏 ~地球がなくなる30分前~)

Hosoya, Yoshimasa (細谷佳正)

Copyright Cineria 2013

Scenario: Aoi Konbu 蒼井こんぶ/櫻小路麗子

Illustrator: Kosumi Fujiko 湖住ふじこ

Genre: Dystopian, Lovers

Company: Cineria

Date: 29 March 2013


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All mankind is on the brink of extinction within the next half hour due to a giant meteorite colliding with the earth. It’s the last hour of your life, what will your shy boyfriend say to you during this time? Hiroto struggles with thoughts of despair, anxiety, fear and regret. Every day with you is the happiest day of my life.


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