Shikorebo! 3 ~Kimi ga Koishiku~ (シコレボ!3 ~キミが恋しくテ~)

Matsutake Yatarou (まつたけ弥太郎)

Copyright BULLET

Scenario: Mame まめ

Illustrator: Nanadone Kayu ななどね粥

Genre: Telephone sex, Sweet and caring couple

Company: BULLET

Date: 24 February 2017



Ryunosuke entered college and finds himself falling in love at first sight with someone he met at a library. They made many happy memories, until the day she confessed to something. Later they are forced into a long-distance relationship. The only way to communicate was via cell phone, but they found the longing for each other was too great.


Matsutake-san’s sweet voice resonates with Ryunosuke pining for his sweetheart due to having a long distance relationship. The ecchi scenes when they talked over the phone was oh so hot, but when they actually meet each other for a long time, sparks fly! If you like a story where the male lead genuinely loves the MC and the pining that comes from not being able to see a loved one, you’ll enjoy this one. Plus Matsutake-san’s gentle moans over the phone just hits the spot! 😉



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