Kenji Akabane & Shunichi Toki (Voice Newtype 67 2018)

赤羽根 健治 & 土岐 隼一

Celebrating its 3rd anniversary, the smartphone puzzle RPG “100 Sleeping Princes with the Kingdoms of Dreams” (hereafter, “Dream 100”) shows new developments under the theme of “New Dream.” Two “princes” escorted us to the world of healing and excitement.

What is your impression of the prince you are playing? Akabane: I’m playing the two princes of “Land of Jewels.” Lido looks like a prince, but he has the eyes of a normal person, which is the most attractive thing about him. Because of that, there are times when I’m forced to take on the role of Tsukkomi, but I can play without straining myself, so it’s fun. Recently, I was happy to be involved with Gracia, who has the same worries as the second son. The other Arumari is also a child who, contrary to his quiet and pretty appearance, has a solid core of his own, and is actually able to approach the main character. Both of them are attached to each other. During the recording, I tried to play two roles at the same time as much as possible, but it was still hard to switch between them (laughs). Toki: Oh, it would be interesting to see one person playing two roles! Theodore, who I play in “The Land of Records,” is also a bit of an eccentric prince who has an otaku temperament and is bad at talking with people. I think he’s the kind of person who makes you want to work hard together, instead of just saying, “Wow, that’s cool!” But when he drinks alcohol, a slightly different side comes out. Akabane: Eh, such a setting? Toki: Fufufu. By all means, please read the story of the prince! At that time, I had grown a lot as a person, and I was able to raise the level of those gaps and I was like, “Oh!”

Encounter the world of “100 Dreams. What are your first impressions and charm? Akabane: I was involved in the event even before the broadcast, so I thought, “What a gorgeous voice actor!” In the beginning, there weren’t 100 princes, so it’s deeply moving to think that the number has now nearly doubled. Toki: I was allowed to participate when the number of people exceeded 100, so I was able to play the game before the recording, but when I tried it, only really bright people appeared! They all have the dignity of a prince. While enjoying the story as if I was reading a shoujo manga, I was hooked on the elements of the puzzle game. Akabane: Is there anything you’re particular about when you play? Rather than forming the relationship between the princes, I form a party that emphasizes the skills that match the battle at that time. Toki: Me too. Also, a fan that collects people with voices that I like. Akabane: I’m going to make a tee! Toki: “Excuse me, I’m the prince of this event, so please forgive me!” (laughs)

Are there any “Princess Princes” other than the characters you both play? Toki: Will. That peculiar feeling is truly Akira Ishida-san! Akabane: Yeah, yeah definitely Akito. Takehito Koyasu-san’s character that I longed for and just saw on TV. A wide generation and a royal casting. Toki: In the first place, the characters are completely original with no motifs, and more than 100 of them have unique personalities. How many patterns can you come up with in terms of combinations of conversations? Actually, he’s handsome and really likes talking. Akabane: Is it limited to good-looking guys? I was just looking at mail (laughs). Toki: I’m also in this world as Theodore. I’m really happy to be able to be involved with more characters. Akabane: In that sense, not only the game, but also the stage version of “Yume 100” was really beautiful and exciting. My dream is to someday do something with the actors on stage!

What country would you like to be the prince of? Akabane: I would like to create a negative country (laughs). I would like to get involved with the shadowy princes in the series. Toki: I’m in the country of coffee shops. I like coffee shops, and I can easily stay there all day. Akabane: I know that. It’s interesting how things like Neapolitan are completely different depending on the shop.

Since “Yume 100” is at its 3rd Anniversary, how have the two of you changed over the past 3 years, and what are your aspirations for the next 3 years? Akabane: Three years ago, I used to get better after a night’s sleep, but now I’m feeling tired (laughs). Looking back, the past three years have gone by in the blink of an eye, and I now have a stronger desire to cherish every moment of my life. That’s why I think have to work hard now for the sake of three years from now. Toki: For me, it’s only been 5 years since my debut, so the three years were really nothing but studying. When I first appeared on NicoNico with Akanabe-san two years ago, I still didn’t have many opportunities to talk with seniors at that time. Akabane: Ah, I know that feeling (laughs). But I had fun. Toki: Thank you. We were able to talk a little. Over the next three years, I will do my best to increase what I can do one by one.

On March 3rd, you will appear at the 3rd Anniversary event “Prince Parade.” Finally, a message for everyone! Akabane: The story says, “Since the first part of the story is completed, we would like to celebrate the 3rd anniversary, but at the same time, we would like to make it an event that will trigger a new start. There are so many princes. It’s a really wonderful work you can trust that if you lend us a little help, you’ll still be able to keep going. Let’s continue to have fun together! Toki: I am once again grateful that I’m allowed to participate in a wonderful world where dreams are as plentiful as princes. I would be honoured if Theodore was able to participate even a little in this new development. I look forward to working with you!

Column: New myself

  1. Kenji Akabane

Recently, together with Yuki Ono, I danced in public for the first time in my life. With spring as a trigger, I would like to proactively take on challenges that I have never experienced before.

  • Shunichi Toki

I used to think about the next day’s work even on my days off, so I couldn’t do anything about it. It was heavier than expected, and my muscles were sore the next day (laughs). I would like to find an instrument that suits me.


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