Shouta Aoi (Voice Animage Plus January 2018)

蒼井 翔太

Shouta Aoi Live 2017 Wonder Lab. Ø Event Report 1 Ryogoku Kokugikan (26 November 2017)

A live tour with 20,000 people mobilized.

The final of his largest live tour was held at Ryogoku Kokugikan on 26 November 2017. In the opening video, you can see Aoi in the same white outfit and pink hair as in the jacket photo of his 2nd album “Ø”. When the flowers are picked, the scene changes to Aoi-san, dressed in a kimono, visiting a shrine. Aoi-san appeared on stage and performed “Zero” as if fulfilling the wish written on the theme, “May I meet you.” With Japanese style rock with a sense of speed, the tension of the venue was raised at once.

The first red Japanese costume is based on the image of an origami crane. It seems that he asked for the design to give back to the fans who support him, and the people who have been indebted to him, like the folktale “The Crane Returns.”  “I’m so happy that there are so many people I want to give back to,” he said, expressing his gratitude with his singing voice.

After changing into a pure white costume, he sang the refreshing “Stay with Me!” and “Flower.” He decided to show the charm of the new Shouta Aoi, with various 1s starting from 0, in connection with “Ø”, which is also the title of the tour. So, this time, we have an acoustic corner for the first time! At the end of the following “Always be together,” a splendid high-pitched sound resounded, and a big applause occurred from the venue.

In the second half of the performance, Aoi-san started off “Hungry Night” energetically. The flash that became a staple at live performances with “Hungry Night!” After that, Aoi-san appeared in a pure white costume on the screen again. The pure white space turned into outer space, where Aoi-san dressed in a black costume. He is creating a star, linking the white and black world, and the white goes out and it went dark. As if connected from there, he sang “Inverted” passionately on a lifter of about 10 metres high. Dressed in costumes inspired by the Big Bang, he sang “DDD”, “Innocent,” and “Zezei Stargate,” and rushed to the climax with raging momentum.

During the encore, “Smile Smile Smile,” he requested “I want to shake my hips,” and mesmerized the audience with his sexy dance. During the MC event, King Amusement Creative’s mascot character “Kinkurin” suddenly appeared in the audience, saying, “There’s no appointment!” He was also surprised to see the words “New single decided” written on the sash that Kinkurin was wearing! The audience erupted in joy at the news of the decision to produce a successful single, and the finale was a great success.

MC Digest

The pure white costume of the second focus looks like a prince, and the princesses in the audience are also enraptured. In response to the increase in male fans, he commented, “I’m good as a prince, so will the boys become knights to protect me?” He talked about his dream, “Someday I will be able to do a girl’s day and a boy’s day (live).”

During the MC in front of the acoustic corner, the band members asked questions about Shouta Aoi-san’s concerns. Questions such as “How do you train?” and “How many mirrors do you have in your house?” By the way, he made a shocking confession, “Yesterday (the first day of the Ryogoku Kokugikan concert) I sweated a lot, so I went home wearing no panties.”


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