SparQlew : Shoya Chiba, Yuya Hozumi, Takuto Yoshinaga, Yuto Uemura & Shun Horie (Voice Animage Plus January 2018)

千葉 翔也, 保住有哉,, 吉永 拓斗, 上村 祐翔 & 堀江 瞬

How did you feel when you first heard about your debut? Hozumi: When I got a call from the manager, I was really surprised, and said, “Oh, Kiramune? Of, course I know!” Uemura: When I went to see “Kirafesu 2017,” Hiroshi Kamiya-san asked me in the dressing room, “Are we going to do it together next time?” I didn’t know anything about it at the time, so I remember trying my best to deny it, saying, “What are you talking about?” Sorry, I think I’ve done it…. Chiba: It’s like someone who protects confidentiality no matter what (laughs). Uemura: Takuto-san and I are in the same agency, but we didn’t know each we were members until the day we met (laughs). Yoshinaga: Yes. I didn’t know (laughs). Chiba: I knew a little while ago, and I was wondering if I should talk in front of Yuto-san. I was struggling with this alone… Uemura: That happened too. Horie: I knew Shoya-san was there too. I was silent (laughs). Chiba: Of course, I kept it a secret from my family. For many years my mother had been saying, “Be able to join Kiramune in 10 years!” I was looking forward to your reaction. And when I contacted them on the day of the announcement, there was nothing but daily conversation, so I started out and finally said, “Ah, congratulations!” (laughs). I’m overwhelmed.

What is your impression when all the members gather together? Hozumi: The atmosphere is basically loose, but depending on the topic, there will be some members who get really excited. Uemura: Horie-kun is talking about food. Horie: Talking about the first radio show again! (laughs) Yoshinaga: At the time of the first recording of Radio “Our Music Park,” kind-hearted Horie-san spoke to me when I was nervous. The moment I told him that I was going to do it, he snapped at me with a level of tension that had never been seen before. However, I couldn’t develop it well from there, so I apologised in my heart and ignored it (laughs). Horie: Rather, I’m sorry for bothering you! You say something edgy sometimes. Uemura: I think so…? Chiba: It was surprising that people were nervous the first time on the radio (laughs). Hozumi: The cuteness of Yuto-san, who is trying to be firm and biting, made me feel a lot less nervous (laughs). We were able to start a radio program with these five unique people. Uemura: The 5-member unit was not Kiramune until now, so it would be nice if we could do something unique to us. Chiba: It’s true that if there were five of us, you’d be able to have conversations in 4:1 or 2:2:1 ratio instead of just 3:2. Yoshinaga: Of course, I would like to learn from the seniors’ stages, but I would also like to broaden my horizons and learn more. I want to be able to do what I can’t do while improving what I can do.  Uemura: No matter what kind of expression you use, you must have a solid foundation to put your own colour on top of it. Horie: It’s important to solidify the foundation! Fans listen carefully to everyone’s voices and reinforce areas where you feel that they are insufficient. Chiba: One of the strengths of this unit is that because we’re close in age, we can clash with each other about expressive skills such as dancing, singing, and acting. To put it bluntly, I’m an incomplete actor, but that’s why I’m hoping that I’ll be able to grow by working hard with members who are in a similar situation in a unit with a common destiny.

After your debut was decided, what kind of conversations did you have with the other members of Kiramune? Chiba: Hiroyuki Yoshino-san wrote in his own handwriting to the boss of the office, and every time I saw it, I felt his enthusiasm for Kiramune’s activities. I haven’t been able to talk one-on-one yet, but I feel that I must work harder myself. Hozumi: I heard a lot from Tsubasa Yonaga-san, my senior at the office. Trignal started when they were around our age, so it was a great learning experience. I’m very grateful to hear such reassuring words as, “There are many things, but do your best.” All of Kiramune’s seniors are really warm… that’s why I feel like I want to repay them somehow. Horie: After all, I have a strong impression that the three members of Trignal are especially close to us. Chiba: Takuya Eguchi-san often speaks to me when I meet him at another site. Horie: Everyone, please be kind. Nobuhiko Okamoto-san from the same office tried to ease my tension before the announcement. Uemura: Mitsuo Iwata-san and all the other seniors said, “When I entered Kiramune, the situation was different. It may change, but we’re a family so we’ll be fine.” I think that’s it. Yoshinaga: I have had more opportunities to visit seniors after their live performances and they all send me cheers as a friend. In order to respond to the feelings of such seniors, I have no choice but to be able to make them think, “Those guys are doing their best!” I can’t let my guard down.

We asked them to express their resolutions for 2018 with a single letter, one by one. Please give me a comment. Hozumi: I use the word “knowledge” because I want everyone to know about it. I feel that I have to work harder, so I want people to know about me as well as the unit! Chiba: I think the first year is important, so I want to give it my all and give it a shot. I’ve finally reached the age where I can say I’m a member of society, but instead of living a steady life, I want to learn how to break through in a good way as an actor. Uemura: My name is Yuto. I wanted to get over myself by having a different experience than before. I think these 5 people can get over it. Yoshinaga: I wanted to be sparkling, so I chose “Kei.” I would like to make this year a glorious one in which I can boldly challenge what I want to do, not only as an actor and an artist, but also in my private life. Horie: If it’s a single character, it’s “destruction.” When I stand on stage because I’m a shy person, I wanted to break out of my shell. On top of that, I would like to show an unconventional performance. Do your best!


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