Takuma Terashima (Voice Newtype Vol. 81 2021)

寺島 拓篤

Takuma Terashima, who sticks to the “behind the scenes,” has a consistent craftsmanship, but on the other hand, he is also a pioneer who can set aside what he has accumulated and challenge a role with a clean slate. What is the “better thing” that he longs for?

Terashima-san, it’s a sign that you often play pure characters these days. Terashima: I agree. I think that there are many opportunities to play straight and good guys such as Ak-kun from “Tokyo Revengers” and Shiki from “Edens Zero”.

Ak-kun from “Tokyo Revengers” is a “good guy” with a strong sense of responsibility. Terashima: Among the Mizonaka Five, including Takemichi, Ak-kun is the only one who sees things from a slightly different bird’s-eye view, so I try to be aware of that perspective. My role was classified at the time of casting… because the other cast members who the play the Mizonaka Goninshu are all about 10 years younger than me. That’s why I’m naturally in a position to take a bird’s-eye view.

I feel that the bird’s-eye view is not simply saying the lines in an adult tone, which brings out Ak-kun’s charm more. Terashima: I thought maybe my voice had some kind of straight boy component. It’s also a little different from what I tried to create. It’s a feeling inside of me, so I can’t explain it well in words, but… Ak-kun in junior high school doesn’t try to make it work, so he’s as youthful as you said.

You can build up your career. Since there will be more things to elaborate. One of the characteristics as a voice actor is that you’re acting straight. Terashima: I think about various approaches while reading the script or watching a VTR at home. Thinking in this way, I often try to clean things up once on set and then act them up, but in Ak-kun’s case it may have come out in a good form. I think that junior high school students can have fun and dangerous things because they don’t think about the details, so I wonder if my acting style suited them?

Shiki, the main character you play in Edens Zero, is also a suitable role in that sense, right? Terashima: I think so. He acts without thinking even more than Ak-kun. While the sci-fi is well drawn, there are also many gag elements typical of Hiro Mashima-sensei. It’s something you do dynamically. If Shiki suddenly becomes a crazy character (laughs). I’m doing more than usual.

“Uta no Prince-sama” celebrated its 11th anniversary. Again, how do you feel about the power of your work? Terashima: I think the power of belief of the people involved is great. Starting with Noriyasu Uematsu-san and Sayaka Konno-san, the staff put their heart and soul into making it, so we the actors can be inspired. With everyone’s thoughts of “Let’s make the work better” as a foundation, and the individual thoughts of “Let’s improve ourselves.” “Let’s grow even more overlapped” it became a better product.

Fans are also eagerly awaiting “Maji Love Live 7th Stage” scheduled to be held in November. Terashima: Even now, after 11 years of continuous work, I still think that having the actors step forward and perform is an element of plus alpha because it’s a work that is originally delivered through the screen, such as games and animations. But there is definitely something that can only be found in a live performance. For those who seek it, I want to deliver an even greater sense of satisfaction than ever before, and I hope that you will enjoy it.

As a solo artist, you’re in charge of the ED theme song “Reincarnate” for the TV anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime S2.” Terashima: In the tie-up songs I’ve been in charge of so far, I feel like I’ve created an even balance between the theme song of the work and the people who don’t know the work can listen to. It happened after writing the lyrics for “Tensura” three times, I thought that next time I would have to look deeper into the work in order to find the keywords for the lyrics… But I didn’t have to force myself to look for it. It’s a work in which various interesting things are intricately intertwined. After reading it over and over again, I was able to find it.

Reading the work over and over again to find the answer is an approach typical of Terashima-san. Terashima: I’m the type of person who doesn’t have so-called “images that suddenly come to me”, so I always feel like I’m studying when I’m writing lyrics (laughs). Read the original work and materials that serve as reference books at the desk and derive the answer. There is no doubt that the source of the image is in the original work.

The attitude of putting the work first has always been consistent. Terashima: I haven’t changed anything at all (laughs). However, there is a feeling that power has been lost with age. I felt that the slightly looser side of the original has become noticeable recently. Until now, I said, “I’ve become a more proper person.” I think I was enthusiastic about it, but in a good way, I’m becoming life-size self. That may have led to the plays of Ak-kun and Shiki.

I’m looking forward to the future of Terashima-san, who will lose strength and be stripped off without changing his core. Terashima: Recently, I’ve been entrusted with dubbing major roles for foreign movies, but once again, I realized that voice expression is difficult, and I intend to do it 100%. However, I was able to see the higher part, and I keenly felt that I wanted to become an actor who could fill that gap. I was able to confirm that I’m living with the desire to “be better”, and I hope to continue to be like that in the future.

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The theme is moon and rabbits, so I think it’s perfect for Juugoya. It was such a wonderful story that even I, who was allowed to appear in it, it was moved to tears during the recording.


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