Takeru Satoh (Men’s No-No May 2021)

佐藤 健

The strongest man who makes any taste his own here again! The essence of Takeru Satoh mixture. N matter what you wear, you will become “that person”. Takeru Satoh, who wears clothes of various tastes and plays all kinds of roles freely, always makes the concept in front of him his own. His fashion shoot, which has a sharpened willpower and a flexible sensibility that always shows a new look, has been realized again last summer. This time, a must-see mix style, ryan, by combining different tastes, genres, and materials!

Satoh: I feel like we finally became one.

Thank you for your hard work on the shoot! It was a wonderful fashion story suitable for the upcoming season, but which one left a particularly strong impression on you? Satoh: The one that left an impression on me was the one with the kimono (haori). I had never worn a kimono in such a way before, so it left an impression on me as a new challenge.

That kimono figure overlapped with Kenshin Himura. The final chapter of the movie “Rurouni Kenshin” will finally be released. Kenshin Himura = Takeru Satoh, I think it was one and the same, but again, what kind of existence was the role of Kenshin to you? Satoh: Since there is the original work, in that sense, from the time of the first work, everyone already had an image of what they wanted Kenshin to be. So, as a first approach, my goal was to get as close to that as possible, and the second and third films were basically an extension of that. There was the word “one mind and one body”, but I feel like I was able to become one with the role for the first time after shooting “The Final” and “The Beginning”. Instead of trying to get closer to the character on the outside, I was able to get the feeling that my swordsmanship began to move from within. This may have been the first time. Of course, from the moment I acted in the first work, I had Kenshin inside of me. The feeling that naturally came out of me was the strongest this time.

Five years after the previous work “Kyoto Inferno / Legendary End”, this final chapter has started. It seems that you wanted to do the final chapter, but how did you feel during that time? Satoh: Everyone had the feeling that they couldn’t finish without drawing this episode. I knew that from the time I was shooting the previous film, but it was really hard, so I pretended not to see it, thinking that I would do it someday (laughs).

I’ve heard that filming “Rurouni Kenshin” is really hard. Satoh: I had to take more shots after that, so I took some time and shot after my hit points had recovered to about 6 (laughs). It’s my best work to date – thanks to that, it was a great action worthy of the final chapter. Especially the battle with the strongest enemy in “The Final”, Yukishiro Enishi (Arata Mackenyu), the action scenes were created together while discussing with everyone on the team. With Director Otomo-san, how to reflect the action in, I also thought a lot. There were times when I thought about how to end it a little more refreshingly, and other times it would be better as entertainment to show the edge as a villain who is easier to understand, but in the end, I finally arrived at I thought that how Kenshin would face En, would not be the end of it.

What kind of words does Kenshin say to him, and how do they cross swords? Satoh: I worked on it while thinking about the lines and actions right up to the last minute.

The “Rurouni Kenshin” series, which has taken on many challenges since the first work in 2012 and has challenged uncharted territory, is finally coming to an end. How are you feeling? Satoh: I’m really grateful that I was able to do what I wanted to do through the series and create something more than I thought. I told the director, but I’m satisfied. I don’t like to compare it to other works, but still, Rurouni Kenshin is special, and I think the final chapter is my best work ever. I’ve been doing this for such a long time, because it’s a work I’ve done before, I have a strong attachment to the scene and a strong attachment to the role, and in that sense, I feel lonely. Up until now, I thought, “I’ll be playing Kenshin again somewhere,” but I think this is really the last time, so it’s a bit lonely to think about it.

The next episode will start at 2 o’clock in the middle of the night, and you’re always mentioned as someone to look up to, including Men’s No-No readers. Satoh: Well, I’m actually not the type to actively give advice. When someone asks me something, I try to answer as honestly as possible, but I also think that everyone grows up on their own, so I don’t really dare to say anything. However, regardless of age, there is a feeling that I want to create something together with my friends. The work of an actor is often passive, so that’s why we’re trying to do more on our own.

I think it would become more interesting if more things sent by actors come out. Satoh: I’m looking forward to making something happen!

By the way, is there anything that you would like to try in your private life that is not related to work? Satoh: In my private life, I’m the type who likes to hang around at home, so I don’t think there are many things I want to challenge (laughs).

That’s right (laughs). Is there anything in yourself that you would like to change? Satoh: I’m nocturnal. My condition is better in the middle of the night, and the condition is best from past midnight to early morning. However, this doesn’t match the rhythm of the world, so I want to fix it.

Today’s shooting was a gathering at 9:00 am… (laughs). You’re working the hours you shouldn’t be. Satoh: If it’s 2 o’clock in the middle of the night, I’ll do a pose like this (peace sign).

Huh, can you make a cute pose like that? Satoh: Next time, please shoot at midnight! I’m awake. I’ll show you an amazing pose (laughs).


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