Good day everyone, hope you’ve had a wonderful 2023 so far! Mine was pretty rough as my main job is a teacher for Grade 3’s, and it’s a lot of hard work to get to know everyone and prepare lessons that will help the children develop their skills and discover their potential. I’m taking a short break from translations until (hopefully) next week. I’ll also be working on upgrading my website (I’m a complete newbie at this thing so everything is trial and error, but it’s quite a lot of fun 🙂

Here’s a sweet picture of our cat, Willemien to hopefully brighten your day 🙂

And our other cat Covie (he’s sort of adopted and is best friends with Willemien. He also really likes Kentarou Kumagai and Rowoon (from SF9)’s voices as he always joins me next to the laptop or TV whenever I watch a video from them. He’s got good taste that’s for sure 😉

Kind regards,


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