Shikiyoku no Palette -Bijutsu Kyoushi no Sasoi- (色欲のパレット -美術教師の誘い-)

Nimaigai, Moule (二枚貝ムール

Copyright Chouchou 2019

Scenario: Azumi Momiji 安積椛

Illustrator: Nao Yamika なおやみか

Genre: Art teacher / Ex-artist / Older / School / Sex friend

Company: Chouchou

Date: 31 May 2019


Website to buy from:



As the head of the art club, you have been in a physical relationship with your advisor Kazumi for one year. After school, you lock the art room and spend your days with him. Even though you were aware that it wasn’t a relationship with good intentions, you couldn’t get out of his unique worldview. However, as you prepare to graduate from high school, you tell him that you want to end the relationship. Later, when he called you to the art room, you saw him standing in front of you with a stunned expression. There are countless photographs scattered there that broadcast the secret relationship between the two of you…


I actually enjoyed this work although the subject matter was a bit dubious, I mean a teacher banging his student is always questionable at best, even though she is of legal age (They could always wait until she’s done with school and not his student anymore, but who am I to judge, right?). Nimaigai-san’s voice acting was superb as always, the man really performs in this one. A fantasy of mine is actually to hear Nimaigai-san in a threesome situation with Kumaniku Fuyuno-san where they both voice teachers and the mc is one as well, that’ll be kinky. Double Kents, I’m always down for that.


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