Ex. “fibber” Aideta Gari Koi Someru (Ex.[fibber]愛でたがりは恋初める)

Nimaigai, Moule (二枚貝ムール

Copyright h.Adam 2021

Scenario: Ameya Toro 雨夜陀呂 / Murashige ムラシゲ

Genre: Office / Love comedy

Company: h.Adam

Date: 24 December 2021

Website: http://h-adam.net/

Website to buy from:

  1. https://www.dlsite.com/girls-drama/work/=/product_id/BJ406587.html
  2. https://www.stellaworth.co.jp/shop/item.php?item_id=cPYqdIqYdcY


Now that you’re a lawyer, you join the office of Natsui Azusawa, a man you secretly admired during your training days. However, when I met him again, he has a super-negative mindset and suffers from delusions. After break, you meet Nasui and he says, “I guess you don’t like me” and “I really want to quit this kind of officce.” One day, I stop by the cat cafe and encounter Natsui, who behaves in a cheerful manner.

He seems to really love cats and becomes a different person when he’s with them. Over time the two of us become closer. However, something bad happened to Natsui’s beloved cat. You try to comfort and hug him as he cries like a child. “Why are you crying this time? I need someone to stroke and hug with all my might.”


I’m a huge animal lover (we have two cats, previously 2 dogs and a few other cats who unfortunately passed away). I really felt bad for Natsui, your pets are like your children and if someone happens to them, I go ballistic (not quite like John Wick (aka Daddy) but close enough. Also, I love Nimaigai-san’s voice, he has a sexy voice and when Natsui is more cheerful, you just want to hug him. Definitely one of my favourites of all time.



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