Itou, Kentarou (伊藤健太郎)

Copyright Rejet 2014

Scenario: Polkadot ポルカドット

Illustrator: Futaba Hazuki 双葉はづき

Genre: Teacher / Situation

Company: Rejet

Date: 26 February 2014



Ryota Yanagi is a teacher with two very opposite personalities: Shiro (gentle and kind) and Kuro (dark and demanding). He teaches modern society and ethics, but ironically believes his subjects has no value and is in disbelief that he actually teaches it. Contrary to his polite appearance, he has a violent temper and he also destroyed property. You’ll know his personality will change whenever he brushes his hair. He also seems to be a childhood friend.


I know Ryota is not a good guy, but hot damn Itou-san’s voice is ridiculously sexy whenever he voices aggressive characters. I fell for his voice when I started watching anime in Japanese (started out with Season 6 of Bleach) and oh my goodness, I loved Renji from the start even with his English voice actor (come on, red hair, tribal tattoos, sword that works like a whip, obviously protective boy) but when I heard Itou-san’s voice I was hooked from then on. Even now after all these years, him and Kumagai Kentarou is the only Kentarou’s I like (in real life, characters are more of course.) Anyway, I highly recommend this drama cd if you want to take a trip down the dark side. It’s not R18 but it’s pretty dark, so if you’re into that, enjoy! 👨🏻‍🏫⛓️🖤


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