Aigan Ningyou Arui wa Adam no Rokkotsu Maki no San ~Yami wo Himeshi Akaki Rikugun Chuui~ (愛玩人形あるいはアダムの肋骨 巻ノ三 ~闇を秘めし紅き陸軍中尉~)

Aoi, Yuuma (蒼井夕真)

Copyright NiNo 2015

Illustrator:  Sanba さんば

Genre: R-18, Human in love with Doll, Objectophilia

Date: 27 May 2015

Company: NiNO



Seriza, a lieutenant in the Imperial Japanese Army, must take care of a beautiful doll for his superior. He finds himself completely enamoured with the doll, as he sees the image of his first love in her.


I love Aoi-san’s voice in this work, he has such a seductive voice. I can’t blame the guy for falling for the doll, she’s beautiful and you just want to protect her. Not judging the guy; at least he’s not going around hurting “real” women, so if you’re into that, enjoy yourself. As long as no one is getting hurt, then you do you. Personally, it’s not my favourite genre but I do enjoy the storytelling behind it.



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