Gouka Kyakusen de Tokimeki wa Hajimaru (豪華客船でときめきは始まる)

Ichijou, Kazuya (一条和矢) x Miyata, Kouki (宮田幸季); Hiyama, Nobuyuki (檜山修之) x Kishio, Daisuke (岸尾だいすけ); Koyasu, Takehito (子安武人) x Sakurai, Takahiro (櫻井孝宏); Wakamoto, Norio (若本規夫)

Copyright Libre Shuppan 2010

Mangaka: Minakami Rui (水上ルイ)

Illustrator: Hasukawa Ai (蓮川愛)

Genre: Romance, Yaoi

Date: 21 May 2004

Company: Libre Shuppan (リブレ出版)

Website: https://libre-inc.co.jp/catalog/detail.php?product_id=13493

Website to buy from:

  1. https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B002Y6KMMO/


Follow the romance shenanigans of two couples: Gibral the second the mate of a luxury liner, and Franz, who is the concierge. Lynn, a naval police officer meets his match with Juan, who is also a concierge.


I’m a huge fan of Miyata-san’s voice, especially when he voices the uke, he really knows how to put on a performance! The characters are gorgeous and I love the romance brewing on board ships. One of my first yaoi anime I fell in love with happened to be Ikoku Irokoi Romantan by Yamane Ayano-sensei (Alberto Valentino and Ranmaru Omi are my favourite couple). Ever since then I have this major weakness for stories taking place on ships and anywhere near water. Plus I was a fan of The Love Boat as a child as well, maybe that was another influence.

Hope you’ll enjoy this drama cd as much as I did! It’s an older work, but still holds up. Aye aye captain!



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