Love on Ride ~Tsukin Kareshi vol.1 Touzaki Yukihito (Love on Ride ~通勤彼氏 Vol.1 遠崎幸仁)

Hosoya, Yoshimasa (細谷佳正)

Copyright Citrolarme 2015

Illustrator: Gogochan ゴゴちゃん

Genre: Lovers, Childhood friends, Older

Company: Citrolarme

Date: 3 April 2015


Website to buy from:



The heroine was surprised to meet her older childhood friend at the station. They used to live in the same neighbourhood when they were in school. His appearance didn’t change and his demeanour remained as kind as when they parted ways. Slowly the distance between them gradually shrinks and they become more than friends…



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