Kooru Shakunetsu (凍る灼熱)

Horiuchi, Kenyuu (堀内賢雄) x Chiba, Susumu (千葉進歩); Ookawa, Tooru (大川透); Houki, Katsuhisa (宝亀克寿); Yoneda, Naotsugu (米田直嗣); Ikeda, Tomoaki (池田知聡)

Copyright Intercommunications 2005

Mangaka: Kanbe Akira (かんべあきら)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Yaoi

Date: 20 September 2005

Company: Intercommunications (インターコミュニケーションズ)


Website to buy from:

  1. https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B000AMZ41S/


Hirose Katsumi finds out that his father’s company is in grave danger when one of their biggest customers, Mimuro, shares that they intend to move their business elsewhere. Considered for his father, Katsumi and his father set up a meeting with the heads of the company. The heir, Mimuro Yoshitaka seems to take a liking to him and proposes a deal so save their company – become his personal plaything. Katsumi reluctantly agrees in order to save his father’s company and gets humiliated by Yoshitaka every day. Yoshitaka eventually finds out who is really the one in charge as Katsumi doesn’t go down without learning a few tricks from his master.


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