Dekiai Sweet Home (溺愛スウィートホーム)

Hatano Wataru (羽多野渉) x Abe Atsushi (阿部敦); Murase, Ayumu (村瀬歩); Katou, Masayuki (加藤将之)

Copyright Fifth Avenue 2016

Mangaka: Tanitori Shizu (鳥谷しず)

Illustrator: Hashimoto Aoi (橋本あおい)

Genre: Lovers, Yaoi, Raising children together

Date: 14 September 2016

Company: Fifth Avenue (フィフスアベニュー)


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Due to certain circumstances, Haruka, a police officer, hides his identity from a man he met for the first time and spends the night with him. Unexpectedly, he meets Takato, the strange man who ecstatically praised Haruka’s secret place as a “rose bud”, at the Shimokitaza police station where he is assigned, and they end up living together. While perplexed, Haruka becomes attracted to Takato as he learns about his affectionate side. Takato is raising his young nephew Seidai, but also keeps a shocking secret. However, Takato doesn’t seem to want to cross the line with Haruka, the chief of the police station…?


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