Yarichin☆Bitch-bu 2 (ヤリチン☆ビッチ部 2)

Hamano Daiki; (濱野大輝) x Kobayashi, Yuusuke (小林裕介); Murase Ayumu (村瀬歩); Okitsu, Kazuyuki (興津和幸) ⛒ Satou, Takuya (佐藤拓也); Yonaga, Tsubasa (代永翼); Yamanaka Masahiro (山中真尋); Nakazawa, Masatomo (中澤まさとも); Kumagai, Kentarou (熊谷健太郎)

Copyright Ginger Records 2016

Mangaka: Ogeretsu Tanaka (おげれつたなか)

Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Adult, School life

Date: 25 August 2017

Company: Ginger Records

Website: http://ginger-records.jp/yb/index.html

Website to buy from:

  1. https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B072LVHY5L/


Tono managed to keep his virginity by pretending to be in a relationship with Kashima who also entered the club. Jimmy also enters the scene as a pure-hearted stalker for Yuri and falls in love with him. Will Yuri allow Jimmy “access” or chase him off? Will Kashima develop more than feelings of friendship towards Tono?



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