Himo, Hiroimashita. (ヒモ、拾いました。)

Yoruno Kazuo (夜乃かずお)

Copyright Choutte 2019

Scenario: Yoshino Iku 吉野郁

Illustrator: kotaro 炬太郎

Genre: Cohibitation, Lovers

Date: 29 March 2019

Company: Chouette シュエット

Website to buy from:



You shopped for dinner and returned to your apartment, only to find a childhood friend, Mamoru Shishio, sitting outside your door. He was dressed in a sweatshirt and sandals. He worked for a large company, but made a major mistake at work and got fired. He looks like someone whose capable at work, but in reality he’s not capable of being a hard worker. Begrudgingly, you allowed him to live with you in your apartment…


Mamoru is such a sweetheart, but oh boy I wish for the sake of the heroine that he would get a job or learn a few life skills. I know its hard to get a job and actually keep it (speaking of experience), but there are ways to get an income. If I was in the heroine’s shoes I’d at least put him in charge of house cleaning and cooking duties while I’m at work, that’ll be quite helpful. She can even help him start a career online or do streaming. On the other hand, Yoruno-san’s acting is really improving a lot, I followed his career since 2016 (in anime and games, not R18 work) and he’s really impressed me. His voice sounds cute, but when it gets to the intimate scenes, he really lets loose with this seductively husky voice.



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