Between the Sheets (ビトウィーン・ザ・シーツ)

Hamada, Kenji (浜田賢二) x Abe, Atsushi (阿部敦); Higuchi, Tomoyuki (樋口智透); Yamanaka, Masahiro (山中真尋)

Copyright Shinsokan 2014

Mangaka: Hashimoto Aoi (橋本あおい)

Genre: Yaoi, Romance

Date: 31 January 2014

Company: Shinshokan (新書館)

Website to buy from:



Based on the managa “Between the sheets”.

One fateful night, Ichise goes to a bar and meets the handsome bartender, Takafumi. Falling in love upon their first introduction, Ichise asks Takafumi out on a date. However, Takafumi declines and says that he doesn’t date his customers. Ichise is persistent and after a while, he asks him out again and Takafumi finally agreed. Where will their relationship take them…


I love the playful dynamic between Ichise and Takafumi when they started dating. There’s just something irresistible when the seme and uke fall and begin a consensual relationship. Abe-san’s voice as the uke is so seductive, especially during the lovemaking scenes, you feel his ldesire for Takafumi. Hamada-san also shines as Ichise, his deep and friendly voice making you want to root for him. I really enjoyed the story, next I’m going to read the manga on my free time as it’s always interesting to see the similarities and differences between drama cd’s and the manga it’s based on.



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