Happy Drug ~Ecstasy House~

Futami Gorou (二三五六)

Copyright 2Peace 2022



Genre: Adult Toys, Brother, Incest,
Virgin, Coercion

Company: 2Peace

Date: 4 April 2022


Websites to buy from:

  1. https://www.stellaworth.co.jp/shop/item.php?item_id=8hJOfbb8Xl8
  2. https://www.dlsite.com/girls-drama/work/=/product_id/BJ523910.html


You and Kentarou Asamiya live happily together as a couple. He works as a drug researcher in the laboratory of a pharmaceutical company. However, he has a secret: he wants to propose in a more formal way and decides to experiment in the laboratory. Kentarou is caring towards you, but wants to meet your desires and love you even more when you are married.


The moment I saw the male lead’s name is Kentarou, I got really excited. It’s my favourite Japanese name for men and I always enjoy it when it’s used in anime, games, drama cd’s, etc. Of course, my crush’s name is also Kentarou, so obviously I pictured him whilst listening to this drama cd. I also have a thing for men wearing glasses and whose personalities are more on the nerdy side (I’m also a nerd, so it’s fitting). All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this work and hope this actor makes more drama cd’s. His voice is quite pleasant (not as deep and growly as my Kentarou crush) but he brought the image of a loving fiancée who is insecure about himself to life, so kudos to you sir.



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