Choukyou Kyoudai Oniichan niYowami wo Nigirarete Omocha ni Sarechatta Watashi (調教兄妹 お兄ちゃんに弱味を握られてオモチャにされちゃった私)

Takeda Akio (竹田彬夫)

Copyright Poisonist 2020

Scenario: Hiyo (ひよ)

Illustrator: Amano Chigiri (天野ちぎり)

Genre: Adult Toys, Brother, Incest,
Virgin, Coercion

Company: poisonist

Date: 26 June 2020


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You and your brother Tomoya are home alone after your parents left for a trip. You fought over something silly and you went to your room. Reading an erotic article, you started masturbating. What you didn’t know was that Tomoya saw everything and recorded it. Later he confronted you with the video and threatened to distribute it unless you become his personal sex toy…


I must admit, I sometimes enjoy *fictional* incestuous relationships in stories (yes, I’m a fan of Game of Thrones), but I always prefer it with consent. So, yes, although I enjoyed the story due to Takeda-san’s superb voice acting skills, I’m not a fan of the whole blackmailing to get sex from your sibling part. Still a good listen though.


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