W Darling Series Asa Okitara Kareshi ga Futari ni Natteita Ken ni Tsuite w ~Sunaojanai Kare~ (Wダーリンシリーズ 朝起きたら彼氏が2人になってた件についてw~素直じゃない彼~)

Tetrapot Noboru (テトラポット登)

Copyright Rabbitcandy 2017

Scenario: Iwaki Moko 岩城もこ

Illustrator: Yano Tobari 夜野トバリ

Genre: 3P

Company: Rabbitcandy ラビットキャンディ

Date: 21 June 2017


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The previous night you spent the night at your boyfriends’ place. When you work up the next morning, you find that you are sharing the bed with not just your precious boyfriend, but someone who looks exactly like him is lying close to you. You are confused as he doesn’t have a twin or any siblings, but still you allow the both of them to shower you with their affections and love for you…


This has to be my favourite type of drama cd’s where the voice actor does two or more roles in the same work. Even better when the heroine gets sandwiched between the two of them. Both versions of the male lead are gentle towards to the heroine, but they sure make her feel like one in a million. I think that’s a situation many of us have dreamed about: your crush appearing in two forms in front of you, eager to please you. Please do check out the other works in the W Darling series, they are just as good, trust me.


favorite guy who has become two A little mysterious love story


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