Rouge et Noir Maximum Bet Pit Boss Arlen Clive (Rouge et Noir Maximum Bet ピットボス アーレン・クライヴ)

Tetrapot Noboru (テトラポット登)

Copyright Hanakagami 2018

Scenario: Mikado Ren 御門蓮

Illustrator: Sabaru Doro さばるどろ

Genre: Mafia

Company: Hanakagami 花鏡

Date: 26 September 2018


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“Rouge et Noir”, a new drug that caused chaos in the streets. A year later the amount of drug related cases began to decline after the crime syndicate “House” lost much of their power. Your work as a drug enforcement officer in the Special Wide-Area Investigation Division (also known as Tokuhiro) kept you busy, but you were eagerly awaiting new cases. That’s when you met Arlen Clive, the Number 2 executive of “House”, who also happens to be a wanted criminal for drug trafficking and other crimes. He claims that he wants to form a partnership with you which will be mutually beneficial. Will you fall for his charms or deny his advances in order to preserve your integrity as an officer of the law…


This work was my first introduction to the Rouge et Noir series. It is dark, seductive and sexy, and Arlen is unmistakably a villain. You can’t help but fall along with the heroine for his charms however, since when he starts with his seduction, you’ll certainly enjoy the wild ride. Noburu-san’s voice is deep and husky, a real treat to the ears. Best enjoy this work with a glass of wine (or brandy in my case) and get swept away by Arlen and his ridiculously attractive voice.


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