Paripippi❤Karepippi Shouji Takumi (パリピッピ❤かれぴっぴ 庄司タクミ)

Tetrapot Noboru (テトラポット登)

Copyright Misubomi 2017

Scenario: Yamada Tsubaki 山田椿

Illustrator: Mitsuaki みつあき

Genre: Student, Lovers

Company: Mitsubomi みつぼみ

Date: 03 May 2017


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You met Takumi Shoji at a club and immediately you were drawn to his happy go lucky attitude. The two of you hit it off and you wanted to become friends with him, but he wants you to quit going to the club for reasons unknown.


Takumi was such a sweetheart towards the heroine and he really cared for her safety. I wouldn’t mind going clubbing with him (even though it’s not my thing in real life; I like doing exercise to EDM, but it can get dangerous to go alone to a club in the times we’re living in.) You’ll enjoy this work if you like dancing with a cute guy and just want to have fun.



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