Mayoi Alice to Fushigi no Kuni -Mad Tea Party- Mad Hatter Hen (迷いアリスと不思議の国 -Mad Tea-party- 帽子屋編)

Tetrapot Noboru (テトラポット登)

Copyright Operetta Quattro

Scenario: Daisuke ダイスケ

Illustrator: minato

Genre: Fantasy, Vanilla

Company: Operetta Quattro

Date: 31 May 2017


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The heroine finds herself in a dark forest in an unknown world. She tried to get to a safe place and upon hearing noises, she came across a party. The people were strangely dressed, but the one that catches your eye is Kai Reinhardt. He is called the Mat Hatter for he has in interesting hobby of collecting hats and using them to decorate his house. Upon meeting him, he gives her the name “Alice” and invites her to the tea party. Will she allow herself to fall for his charms and go down the rabbit hole with the Mad Hatter…


I loved this drama CD, the Mat Hatter was entertaining and funny. I genuinely wouldn’t mind going down the rabbit hole with Kai either. He has to be one of my favourite characters of Noburu-san so far as he is charming, flamboyant but at the same time takes care to show Alice true pleasure.



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