Dark Night Princess Vol.3 Cinderella (Dark Night Princess 第3弾 シンデレラ)

Tetrapot Noboru (テトラポット登); Manaka Sawa (佐和真中)

Copyright Snowdrops 2016

Scenario: Hiyo ひよ

Illustrator: Nanaya Kotoe ななやことえ

Genre: Brother-in-law, 3P, Virgin, Creampie, BJ, Confineman, Restraint, Anal, Yandare, Outdoor

Company: Snowdrops

Date: 22 June 2016

Website: http://snowdropscd.com/dnp3/


Arnaud and Loic are twins and your stepbrothers after your father remarried. They love you so much that you are dragged into their playtime and thoroughly receive their love every night. Arnoud is gentle, but he likes playing tricks. Loic is also gentle, but he treats you with the utmost care. Find yourself trapped in a dark Cinderella story where love and jealousy meets and may threaten to destroy everything you hold dear…


I do enjoy a good 3P situation and Sawa-san and Noboru-san do not disappoint. The brothers take turns in providing the utmost pleasure to the heroine, but of course my favourite scenes are where they are both inside of her. Their moans is just so sexy to the ears; one in the front and the other taking her from the back. She sure is one lucky heroine!


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