Kenryokusha no Junai to Shitsuji no Jouai 〜Kanba Ryuuji〜

Tetrapot Noboru (テトラポット登)

Copyright Perpetual Blue 2018

Scenario: Makita Sakurako マキタ桜子

Illustrator: Ichino 一野

Genre: 3P, First Love, Adult Toy, Squirting, BJ, Jealousy, Virgin, Reunion, Compulsion

Company: Perpetual Blue

Date: 29 June 2018


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After losing your father, a man named Ryuji Kanba appeared before you. He claims that he took over the mansion where you grew up and that he wants you to leave as soon as possible. You refuse to leave, and thus give in to his conditions where you have to be his servant and obey all orders, however off putting it may be. You learn the hard way exactly what those orders are, both painful and pleasurable. But what secrets could he possibly be keeping from you…


Noburu-san’s voice is very imposing in this work as Ryuji is quite menacing towards the MC in the beginning. The poor girl has to work as his servant in her own house, plus she has to provide “extra” services. The ecchi scenes are very sexy though, especially the BJ scene, so you’ll definitely enjoy that one.


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