Dare ga Watashi wo Koroshitanoka ~Kouya no Baai~ (誰が私を殺したのか ~紅也の場合~)

Tetrapot Noboru (テトラポット登)

Copyright Operetta Tre 2017

Scenario: Gokoku Mai 五穀米

Illustrator: Wada Beko 和田ベコ

Genre: Trauma, Kidnapping, Rape, Brothers

Company: GOLD

Date: 31 October 2017

Website: http://ignote.net/operetta3/darega/

Website to buy from: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B0759RQFGX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ep_dp_-mBkAbGX4YQNY


A terrible accident occurred at Mizuki Kindergarten, and the heroine was the only survivor. The families who lost their beloved daughters adopted children to help overcome their grief, as well as bring some much needed colour and happiness in her daily life.

Fifteen years later, you find yourself engaged to Housen Kouya, an intimidating looking young man who is in actual fact kinder than he seems. The heroine finds herself fighting every day against the unwanted and vulgar advances of the other men. Will Kouya also break and give in to his darker impulses, or will love win?


This story is miles different than anything I’ve ever heard in a drama cd so far. I’m used to these scenarios in darker BL games, but oh man, this series is insane. I felt for the heroine since she went through so much trauma as a child, only to be forced into having sex with men she doesn’t even love. Noburu-san’s voice gives me the chills in this CD, he really brings home how dire the heroine’s situation is. If you’re sensitive to rape scenes (amongst others) in drama cd’s, you might want to stay clear of this series. If not, the story and acting is excellent.


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