Amaeta Kareshi 〜Toshishita no Kare〜 (甘えたカレシ ~年下のカレ~)

Tetrapot Noboru (テトラポット登)

Copyright Stellaworth 2017

Scenario: Irino Tamako

Illustrator: Wada Beko

Genre: Younger boyfriend, Jealous

Company: Stellaworth

Date: 24 November 2017



Your younger boyfriend Tetsuji is foul-mouthed and acts selfish around you, but in truth he loves being spoiled by you. One night you find him waiting outside your room looking very depressed. You invite him in, worried about your boyfriend’s wellbeing. After talking for a bit, he gives you a hug from behind and whispers in your ear that you are amazing. You two spend the night together where he makes it his mission to spoil you thoroughly.


Noburu-san’s grumpy voice is both cute and sensual as he plays the younger brother. From part 5 the older brother makes his appearance, so you’ll be treated to a combo of attacks from both siblings. Banzai!



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