Ai no Aru Seikatsu Vol.2 〜Cohabitation〜 3 Nen Me (アイのある生活 Vol.2 同棲3年目

Tetrapot Noboru (テトラポット登)

Copyright Karaage Cycle

Scenario: yaya

Illustrator: Itohara Youji 絲原ようじ

Genre: Older, Lovers

Company: Karaage Cycle からあげサイクル

Date: 16 August 2017

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Three years have passed since your older boyfriend, Kazuma, graduated from university. Both of you work hard every day and thus don’t spend as much time together as in the beginning of their relationship. You begin to feel anxious as you miss those special days, but one day you are surprised when he comes home from work and proposes you two spend some quality time together. Blissful times with your lover awaits, but it is unexpectedly interrupted by a phone call.


Noburu-san’s voice is imposing as he plays an older male character, but you can tell Kazuma cares greatly for the MC and regrets that they can’t spend more time together due to their work. The ecchi scenes are chefs kiss as Kazuma is gentle but showers the MC with his passionate love. Plus Noburu-san’s moans is exquisite in this work. 😉



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