Ai no Aru Seikatsu Vol.1 〜Cohabitation〜 Sho Nichi (アイのある生活 Vol.1 同棲初日)

Margarine Tengu マーガリン天狗

Copyright Karaage Cycle

Scenario: yaya

Illustrator: Itohara Youji 絲原ようじ

Genre: Student, Lover

Company: Karaage Cycle からあげサイクル

Date: 21 June 2017

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You met Kosuke during your time at university and fell in love with each other. Soon you started dating, and after a year and a half, you finally moved in together. What romantic events await the two in their cozy nest when they are free from the prying eyes of their families…


I love how natural and sweet their relationship is. Occasionally I’m a sucker for a forced living condition, but my favourite will always be the more realistic situations. The male lead was gentle and passionate towards the MC, a real treat for your ears. If you enjoy your smut sugary sweet with some spice, you’ll love this one.



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