Bathtime lovers Vol.6 Bukkirabou na Kare ~Takayuki (Bathtime lovers VOL.06 ぶっきらぼうな彼 TAKAYUKI)

Eguchi Takuya 江口拓也

Scenario: Mame まめ

Illustrator: Kagekawa Usako 影川うさこ

Genre: Blunt male lead, Bathtime fun

Date: 28 February 2014



Takayuki has long been spoiled by you and thus his personality became more blunt over the years. You let it slide since he has a handsome appearance and occasionally allow him to make requests to spoil you in return. One night, Takayuki makes a request to spend the night together, but you unexpectedly leave for an errand. How you will romantic night in the bath end….


Eguchi-san’s pouty and needy voice is completely different than his usual happy-go-lucky one, so it took some getting used to. He did an excellent job of portraying a selfish yet caring boyfriend who wants nothing more than to spend time with his beloved. Bath time ahoy!



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