Amai Yuuten (甘い融点)

Canna, Nobutoshi (神奈延年); Fukuyama, Jun (福山潤); Kawada, Shinji (川田紳司)

Author: Sakiya Haruhi

Illustrator: Nishimura Shuuko

Company: MOVIC

Genre: BL, Multiple couples, Sex shop, Past trauma, Lovey-dovey couple

Date: 30 October 2004

Where to buy:


Riku was saved from a dangerous situation by Kyouji, but struggled to accept his advances after being traumatized. Slowly love begins to blossom between the two of them, but someone is out to trap Kyouji. Will their love survive the coming storm?


Canna-san as the seme and Fukuyama-san as the uke is a winning combination. Their voices mixes well together, and if you enjoy hearing Fukuyun as the uke (damn he’s cute moans are insane), then you’ll enjoy this one as well. 😉


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