Animal Darling Series Wonderful Life ~Cookie no Kataomoi~ (あにまるだーりんシリーズ わんだふるらいふ~クッキーの片思い)

Teratake Jun (寺竹順)


Date of release: 27 Februarie 2015

Company: BULLET

Scenario Writer: Reiko Sakurakoji (櫻小路麗子)

Illustrator: Okita Chatora (沖田ちゃとら)

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Virgin, Dog turned Human


Copyright: Bullet (2015)


Cookie was your previous dog who grew up alongside you until you reached adulthood. He took the words you said as a little girl, “I love you, let’s stay together forever” as a vow. However, as the years passed, you gradually lost interest in him. Thus, he wanted to confess his feelings towards you in a proper manner.

You received a phone call from your mother who told you that Cookie disappeared a month ago from her home. She was worried if he managed to show up to your place since the distance was so great. You tried to calm her down when you heard the doorbell rang and hang up the phone.

Reluctantly, you opened the door to find a stranger who called himself Cookie. From that day on, you spent blissful days and passion-filled nights together…


I enjoyed *Teratake-san’s gentle and cute voice throughout the CD. He also made such adorable barking sounds when Cookie’s dog side took over. The ecchi scene could’ve been longer (I’m a sucker for a long lovemaking session in drama cd’s and games) but I liked that there was consent on both sides and the MC also took the reins (which is always sexy). If you enjoy fluffy ecchi and a feel-good story, then you’ll surely enjoy this work. 🙂



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