Shouta Hayama (Voice Newtype Vol. 77 2020)

葉山 翔太

Shota Hayama, who has become a hot topic with his live performance of the character, has been attracting even more attention. His bright laughter and powerful fighting spirit are the “light” that shines in the darkness in these days when many people are looking down.

So, I asked you how you got to where you are now. How was it looking back? Hayama: Really, now I’ve been aiming I’ve been able to do it. That’s right. There are many things that I regret and worry about, but I think I am spending a fulfilling life including those. However, while I was grateful for that, I also realized that I was becoming greedier. Seniors also said that. It is said that the state of being able to do a little is the thing that reaches out and says, “I want more.” In particular, I feel that I’m watching and listening to the voice actors around me. I will do my best too. Anyway, I’m a natural sore loser (laughs).

A new serialization will start on KIKI from October. What kind of series do you think it will be? Hayama: I was surprised because I never imagined that I would have a serialized article. When I started the project, I asked about the content of the serialization of other people. It seems that I will wear something there and show it off. Please look forward to what kind of challenges we will face each time!

At “P’s LIVE! Boys Side” to be held on October 17th, the members of the TV anime “Binan Koukou Happy Kiss!” will reunite. Hayama: Ichiro Dogo was the main character I met at the beginning, and he gave me a sense of “work” even though he was still in student mood. I still meet and talk with the members of “Happy Kiss” often, and I’m not at all worried about teamwork, but I do get nervous at the thought of participating in a new event.

At the live performance of “Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle” where you played the role of Harai Kuko, you were praised as a “possessed” type of voice actor. Hayama: Standing on stage as a character was something I had experienced with “Happy Kiss”, but when it comes to work with a rap battle theme, a certain level of skill is required, and I tend to be too conscious of my appearance. I had a strong feeling that it would be no good if I couldn’t sing. At that time, it was such a conflict, I can feel his passion, and I think that I have to create something that surpasses everyone’s image.

There seems to be a lot of demand for comical works like the TV anime “Pokkoriizu.” Hayama: Rather than giving me direction, I feel like I’m giving a presentation that says, “I can make this kind of sound!” Also, the fast-paced interaction between Toshiyuki Morikawa-san and Rika Matsumoto-san is very interesting outside of the acting.

Recently, is it difficult to feel the atmosphere with the co-stars at the post-recording stie? Hayama: It seems. I agree. To be honest, I find it rather boring because I can’t produce a play while doing it. But we are in the business of creating fun, so we have to create it ourselves. I miss the “negotiating,” but at the same time, the “negotiating” wasn’t the only thing I enjoyed. When I recorded a certain drama CD individually, I was the last of the three to appear, but I listened carefully to their voices and sense of theatrical performance before doing it. Imagination is the key. Right now, being able to try various things like that might be the most fun.

This summer, the “Theatrical Version Ultraman Ntaiga New Gene Climax” has been released. Hayama: When the New Generation Heroes gather I was surprised to hear that, but as one of those people, I am truly honoured to be in charge of the voice of Ultraman Fuma. Seeing each and every one of them fight against the “darkness” with their strong feelings, it was a work that touched me even as an adult.

How do you deal with the “darkness” yourself? Hayama: In the past, I used to worry about it all the time, but when I fail, I try to think, “Today is the day I can’t do it.” I’m not optimistic. However, in order to move on to the next step, I have to make a decision. When it drags on, I sometimes say, “Yes, this is it!” By becoming a voice actor, I originally had a complex that I’ve come to like the voice I used to have.

In a situation where things aren’t going the way they used to, what did you think about once again as a member of the entertainment industry, and what kind of voice actor do you want to aim for? Hayama: During the self-restraint period, I was tormented by the feeling that “I have nothing” when I saw seniors delivering entertainment in various ways. But even at that time, the fans wrote letters to the program and myself, which was very reassuring, and at least I thought that I shouldn’t work with the same feeling as before. Fortunately, of course, through the work I have a place where I can express myself in addition to my role. First of all, I would like to take care of that and help everyone live happily.

At the same time, the time has come for you to take on new challenges centred on yourself, such as your first crowned program “Café Chaamata” and a column series on KIKI. Hayama: It’s not like I can do something really new all of a sudden, but drawing pictures, singing songs… I also love BL manga. I hope we can share our feelings. I will do my best to become a voice actor who can be enjoyed for a long time like dried squid!

Column: Little happiness: Fortune-telling

When I looked back at the fortune-telling for the first half of the year, I was right. If things go smoothly in the second half of the year, things will get even better towards the end of the year. I like watching fortune-telling. Well, I only receive good things (laughs).


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