Yuya Hozumi (Voice Newtype Vol. 81 2021)


Every time you release the shutter, the expression will change over and over. A body full of energy stretches up towards the sky. Yes, Yuya Hozumi is always looking forward. I want to get a little closer to that back. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

It’s been about a year since the last appearance. What kind of year was it when you look back? Hozumi: It was positive. We are still in the situation of corona misfortune, but once it starts, it will end someday. I think there is no point in worrying too much, so I’m always positive. Instead of lamenting that I can’t do anything, I try to think of something pleasant, saying, “I can do that, I can do this too.”

Where does Hozumi-san’s positive way of thinking come from? Hozumi: If you’re looking for something fun, you’ve naturally come to think of it that way. People will die one day, so it’s better to have fun, and it’s a way of thinking that you don’t have to go through hard times. Well, I think it’s okay if that spiciness leads to something. However, I clearly believe that there is no need to force yourself to do something fruitless.

This year, you played the main character for the first time in the TV anime “Redo of Healer.” Hozumi: My first leading role was an edgy role, and I learned a lot from it. I’ve had the chance to play the main character in an anime before, but this is the first time I’ve played a role that speaks so much. It was a really good experience. Keyaru/ Keyaruga, who I played, is a character with a slightly different range of emotions. Here I have this feeling, but here I have a different feeling. After all, it was my first time playing the lead role, so it seemed like I put a lot of effort into it. But I was happy to be able to proceed based on what I had brought with me.

It’s your first time starring, so it’s hard not to get nervous. Hozumi: No matter where you turn the script, you can find your own lines, so it’s really exciting. I keyed Keyaruga can speak quit well, so I was exhausted after each post-recording session. I don’t have much of a daily part, but rather than that I’m always laughing loudly, or my teeth are really strong. Burning with revenge, I unconsciously gritted my teeth.

“Identity V manor radio” will reach the final round. Hozumi: Since it’s a game-themed program, we try not to deviate from the work, but have fun talking about various things. I really enjoy working in radio. I’m doing this “Shoen Radio” and SparQlew’s “Our Music Park”, but I want to do more programs. I’ve never done a live broadcast program, so I want to try it, and I have a lot of stories to talk about (laughs). I would like to continue working in radio.

SparQlew’s 15th mini-album “Daybreak” has been released. Hozumi: The lead song “Dance in the Twilight” is a song that completely changes the image of SparQlew so far. Playing with SparQlew so far, there were many songs with a lot of pop. Or maybe you feel like an idol. There were cool and cute songs within the framework of SparQlew, but the previous work “Helvetica” was a song I made with the intention of creating something different from the image I had before. This time, “Dance in the Twiligth” is a song that was created with the desire to change it further. From this time, we also participated in the song selection competition. There were a lot of songs that we could imagine singing, but we decided to change them, so we ended up with this song. Mature and fashionable, overly determined but not overstretched. I think it’s a song with just the right lines. Right now, it’s like, “We’re going on this route, but what do you think? Look at everyone!”

Your solo songs are also included. Hozumi: My solo song “ALARM” is a stylish song with a lot of pops (laughs). What I aimed for was the current J-POP. It’s a crisp electronic sound, but it’s not just pop, it’s a bit rounded, and it has a jazzy and fashionable sounds, and I wanted a sound that sticks to my ears. Please listen to what you have suggested and ask for some further revisions. I wanted to cherish sound, but I think that the person who can create lyrics that you can get hooked on is the person who made the song. So, I asked the composer Kana Yabuki-san to write the lyrics. I dared to ask them to write the lyrics in such a way that the meaning would be hard to understand, and I asked them to put a lot of words into the few sounds. It’s like now, isn’t it? As a result, we ended up with a song that was more than just singing. I think you will be surprised (smile).

You’ve really put a lot of effort into it. Hozumi: I was even allowed to participate in the truck down. We fine-tuned the effects and the reverberation of the sound. While listening to various sounds by changing headphones and speakers many times. As the title “ALARM” suggest, you can listen to it in the morning instead of an alarm, or you can listen to it when you go to work. I wanted to sing a song that could apply to any kind of everyday life. When it’s bright and when it’s dark. Because I wanted to be close to you.

Hozumi-san, who is familiar with beauty, tell us about the beauty method you are addicted to recently. Hozumi: The face is made smaller by correcting the skull. I’ve been going to Sakusuru for 3 or 4 years now, but recently I’ve also started going for facial distortion correction. Humans have a habit of chewing, and their faces become asymmetrical. By loosening the four muscles of facial expression, return them to their original positions and make a mouthpiece in that state. By wearing it several times a day, you can let your body remember it. It’s a treatment.

Do you feel the change? Hozumi: I think things are getting better somehow. If the face is distorted, the facial expressions on the left and right will look different, and even if you take a nice photo like today, you will end up with only NG cuts. This is an adjustment to make the face look OK no matter where it is taken. I like cosmetics, but I also like beauty, including this kind of treatment.

The days will continue when you can’t meet the fans who support you in person. Is there anything you would like to convey through this forum? Hozumi: I would be happy if you started thinking about ways to make your days more enjoyable, and I hope I can help you with that as well. Let’s find fun things together. I will do my best to spread fun too. I believe that the world is full of love. I’ll give you love as much as you have given me, I will give you double the love.

Column: Recommended movies for long autumn nights: Spirited Away

When asked what my favourite movie is, I say Studio Ghibli’s “Spirited Away.” There’s a bit of a mysterious atmosphere on days with long nights, so I feel like I’ll be drawn into it even more when I see stories from other worlds like this.


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