Takeo Ootsuka, Masaya Miyazaki, Yuri Ise (Voice Newtype Vol. 82 2021)

大塚剛央, 宮﨑 雅也, 伊瀬結陸

A new unit is born 315 Production, all of whom are former student council presidents! What lies ahead…

At the “Idolmaster SideM Special Live Streaming 2021” held in November, you showed off your performance as soon as the program started, showing the spirit of C. First. Ise: Actually, it was the consideration of the staff who thought that it would be better to finish the performance first so that we could talk more calmly. In no time until the performance, the three of us made eye contact and nodded at each other, but it was reassuring to see the seniors pushing me in the waiting room. Ootsuka: We were all hot from the rehearsal. I’m in too much of a mood, I was careful not to forget the calm part of the unit’s catchphrase, “quietly hot.” Miyazaki: I was more burned out than I thought at the beginning, and it seems that I was making a listless face when I wasn’t on camera. I have no regrets because I did everything I could, but I am a little remorseful.

What are your thoughts on the audition? Ise: At the audition, even the first judging tape recording was stressful, for better or worse. It may fade with experience, but I don’t want to forget the feeling I had at that time. Miyazaki: “If I had to use it,” it was close to the stage name I was thinking of, so I felt destined for the name “Momo Hanazono”. It was raining the day we taped and the day of the studio audition, so I came to love rain. Ootsuka: I remember being asked if I could perform as well as my seniors. It was an audition that made me feel the love of the staff because it is a work that has been loved for a long time.

Please tell us what you value in playing an idol and what you have in common with your character. Ise: Amamine is a freshman in high school and has the ability and trust to serve as the student council president. Studying and exercising are taken for granted. But there is also the charm that you can catch a glimpse of the cuteness of a 16-year-old. I’m barely in my teenage years like him, so I want to spend this year especially well. Miyazaki: Ise-yu is the best among us. He’s young, but he often talks to me cheekily with the stance of “I can do it, but Miya-tan can do it too, right?” which makes me fall into the illusion that I’m talking to Amamine-kun (laughs). Ootsuka: I think I understand (laughs). Miyazaki: When I was asked about it at the audition, I thought it would be a negative evaluation for a voice actor, so I couldn’t say it. I don’t have much confidence in myself, and I have a habit of taking notes of what I was told and thought, and I was surprised to find that he had the same thing.

Ootsuka: Not only in preparation for the interview, but also in the recording process, the first step is to write down the lyrics by hand in a dedicated notebook. I also make a note of the directions. Ise: It was a shock when I was shown the notebook. Their performances are amazing, and not only their dancing their facial expressions are bright and captivating. Ootsuka: Eishin Mayumi’s parents are both famous actors and are thoroughbreds. If I had to say it, he’s not the type to hang out with a lot of people, so he doesn’t get involved with people more than necessary. His appeal lies in the fact that he casually extends his hand to people who are in need of help. It’s difficult because if he lets his guard down, he’ll end up being too gentle, but I want to cherish the strength of his heart when I play him. Ise: Rather than intervene deeply in the problem, the three of us will be in charge of the feeling that they will watch over us from a distance. I also feel Take-shin in the radio “315 Pro Night!” Also, both as an actor and as a character, he is my senior, so there is no doubt that I’m really relying on him. But…just like Senshin-senpai, it’s missing and there’s a tsukkomi. Mizayaki: I understand! Hundreds of people are Mayumi, because I have the same feeling that I have with Ise-kun, “Why is this person interesting, I want to get along with him.” I think there is a sense of security and a gap that overlaps in areas that are hard to see.

What kind of unit songs do you have? Were you able to put C.First-ness into it? Ootsuka: “We’re the one” has a heavy impression with the lyrics, especially since it feels like you have  a hard heart, so I’d like it to be cool while being conscious of performing brightly as an idol. I sang the English lines in such a way that the sound cool, with the thought of “Follow me, let’s go.” Miyazaki: How does Dodo-kun feel when he sings “Leave it to me” I was very worried. I’m sure that the nuances will change each time because he’s a child with a wide range of emotions, but I also have expectations, anxiety, and fear. He sang to Pii-chan while holding everything in his arms. Ise: While that song still has a sense of hesitation, “Not Alone” should aim more clearly. I got the impression that I could see the light. I think it’s a very bright word, like “The future is waiting for you.” Ootsuka: As I sang it, I felt my emotions build up. Miyazaki: Nature and feelings are linked, aren’t they? The part where the three of us sang, “Don’t be afraid of complicated dreams,” became a solo by Amamine-kun at the end, telling himself, “Don’t be afraid of any darkness.” I thought it was wonderful where I was.

Lastly, please tell us about your enthusiasm for the Tokyo performance to meet the producers. Miyazaki: It makes me happy to think that I’ve become a member of 315 Production when I sing all the songs. “Drive A Live” was my first recording, so it was the beginning of my life as a voice actor. After experiencing various stages from now on, I’m sure I’m looking forward to the 6th Live Tour first, thinking that my feelings will grow deeper. Ootsuka: “Next Stage!” is a song that give me the power to look forward as a performer, so I sang with the feeling that the seniors and C. First were by my side from the time of recording. “I’ve been waiting for this moment!” I can’t wait for the moment when I can say that. Ise: There was quite a bit of time before I met with the two of them after it was decided, so I didn’t know what the unit was like, and to be honest, I thought, “I should only be watching Amamine Shun.” But now, it’s really fun to see the three of us on the radio or for interviews every day. As an idol group, the three of us are working hard so that we can properly show C. First on stage to the producers. I will come, so please look forward to it!

Column: Happy Holidays

  1. Takeo Ootsuka

Whether it’s Christmas or New Year’s, if it’s my day off, I want to stay indoors and play games all day long.

  • Masaya Mizayaki

I once rented a kitchen and had a party with about 10 men. Everything from shopping to cooking to cleaning up is fun with my friends.

  • Yuri Ise

At the end of the year, I go to my grandparents’ house. However, I couldn’t go there for the first time last year due to the corona misfortune. I miss the kotatsu, so I miss that “warmth.”


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