Sho Nogami (Voice Newtype Vol. 74 2019)

野上 翔

It’s been about a year since you said, “Someday I’d like to have a starring role” in the “New Colour Voice” of the website of “KIKI”. Expanding the range of his activities, he is finally blessed with a starring role this year. Sho Nogami, who continues to challenge himself stoically, talked about his current feelings.

You must be tired of taking pictures. Nogami: It will be the first appearance in the magazine alone. I think that “Voice Newtype No. 056” where High x Joker was interviewed, was my first appearance. This is my first time being interviewed as “Nogami Sho”, so I’m very grateful.

This year was also a starring role in “Zoids Wild Zero”, was it a busy year? Nogami: I agree. It may have been the year that felt the fastest since my debut. I’ve also had more opportunities to visit the live performances of “Idolmaster SideM” and “TsukiPro”. Yes, I approached with the feeling of throwing all my thoughts onto the stage. Perhaps, I was the most nervous during the “Idolmaster SideM” live so far.

In October, there was a live event “S.Q.P. Ver. QUELL”. Nogami: This was the first solo event for QUELL. Shunsuke Takeuchi-san, Koutarou Nishiyama-san, Shugo Nakamura-san, and I have been working together. I was nervous, but the moment I stepped out onto the stage, the full audience jumped into my field of vision, and I struggled to hold back my smirk from happiness (laughs). I think that I was able to realize that QUELL is supported by so many people and that it was the best solo live.

In “8P”, variety are also being challenged. Nogami: In “8P” I was sent to the countryside. Roughly, taking a photo with the circus. I was able to take pictures and hold the 3rd anniversary event, which made me realize once again how long 3 years have been. However, since I didn’t change anything in particular during the program, I sometimes feel like, “Huh? It’s been three years?” (laughs). Regularly held events such as “Shofuku Shorai!” with Shoya Chiba-san, who is also in “8P”, and “Kumagami Coffee ~ Premium Blend” with Kentarou Kumagai-san. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to listen directly to the voices of listeners from all over the world. Through the many different types of work that I have done so far, I have been able to reconfirm that what is at the centre of my heart is the feeling that I want to use my voice to act.

And in “Zoids Wild Zero”, the main character Leo Conrad was shot. Nogami: When I auditioned, I never thought that I would pass the role of the main character, considering the current trend and my age. That’s why I was surprised when I found out that I had passed the exam. I was suddenly called into the office, and the manager and staff congratulated me. I was happy, but to be honest, I didn’t really feel it at the time. After a while on my way home from the office, I was filled with joy. I went straight to the toy store and bought a Beast Tiger Zoid (laughs).

Nogami-san brought it at the time of shooting. The first time you met Beast Tiger, who kindly helped you, was on the day you heard you had passed the exam. Nogami: When I got home and took a break after building the Beast Tiger, I burst into tears for the first time. It’s embarrassing (laughs).

At the “Zoids” site, you were working with sound director Yuki Matsuoka-san, whom you called your mentor in the KIKI interview. Nogami: Without Matsuoka-san, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today. For me, Matsuoka-san is like the “Father of Tokyo.” He taught me a lot of things that are necessary at the post-recording site of anime. The first time we worked together was when I was a regular on the Yu-Gi-Oh! I did. After that, he invited me to play the role of the mascot character Turbomin in a work called “Kamiwa the Wanda.” I felt that he was taking good care of me, and since then I wanted to hear more about him, so I was able to talk to him myself. That’s why I was so happy when I learned that I could work with him on “Zoids.”

What left an impression on you during the dubbing? Nogami: Matsuoka-san is very strict about sounds as well as acting, and he had a conversation with Liger during the post-recording of “Zoids.” When I was in the scene where I was playing, he gave me instructions, saying, “You can speak gentler, because you’re a partner. It’s not a boss and a subordinate, it’s a partner. I have to tell the audience about the relationship between Leo and Liger in this one episode.” Matsuoka-san takes great care in teaching each conversation. I believe that his attention to detail is at the core of his current play. After recording, I had the opportunity to have dinner with him, and I was happy when he told me, “You look more like an actor than when I met you last time.” It may sound impertinent, but since I haven’t been told that I’ve gotten better, I wonder if I’m still feeling the so-called room for growth (laughs). Also, his words left an impression on me, saying, “You should raise the bar for this work.”

Those are nice words. Nogami: Since “Zoids” is a long-term series, various voice actors participate each time, and I feel that I must convey the passion and momentum of the scene.

So, you’ve been taught how to prepare yourself as a chairperson. Nogami: That’s right. It was my first time to star in the film, and Hazuki Chida, who plays the heroine Sally Rand, also made her first appearance as a voice actor. It is a scene where the cast has a sense of unity.

It was such a busy year. Do you have any personal memories that left an impression on you? Nogami: Meeting a childhood friend. We’ve been seeing each other about once a month before, but lately we haven’t been able to find time for each other. A casual conversation with a friend is the best refresher and encouragement.

What would you like to challenge as an actor in the future? Nogami: In the past, I admired and even envied my peers and seniors around me, but one day I realized that I could never be that person. I didn’t know the hardship of those people, and I just saw the shining parts and thought, “I envy you.” The people I was envious of have all gone through hardships and efforts in their respective fields and have now arrived at a place where they can shine. I was spoiled by only looking at the beautiful parts and wanting only those parts (laughs). “I” is only “myself.” “Sho Nogami” is just “Sho Nogami”, but I thought that I had to expand my field little by little with the help of the work and characters. The feeling of wanting to be the gear of the work will never change, and I hope that I will not forget that feeling in the future and just keep walking straight ahead.

Column: My Christmas!

I don’t want to do anything particularly unusual. A normal day with a subtle Christmas element might be ideal. That’s why I don’t make it look like a big party or event. I want to spend a small Christmas in my everyday life.


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