Makoto Furukawa (Voice Newtype 67 2018)

古川 慎

“I don’t I’d believe it when I told my childhood self that I was going to play Nataku,” laughs Furukawa-san. Looking back with a smile, the 3 lives of “Idolmaster SideM”, where he appeared as Café Parade, were also the best. With an artist career and a serialized article in KIKI, you can feel the power that radiates from within, even though he has a calm and sincere air about him. Keep an eye on Makoto Furukawa, who continues to shine.

How do you like the role of Nataku Li in “Hakyu Hoshin Engi”? Furukawa: When I first met Nataku, it was around the time when “Houshin Engi” was being serialized in “Weekly Shounen Jump”. What’s more, the first time I read it was when Nataku was born, so I thought that he might be the main character in this story (laughs). After that, when I read the continuation, I knew right away that Nataku was not the main character, but when I was selected for the role, I was happy that my first chance encounter had come to fruition in such a place, and I was lucky. I felt what I ordered. That’s why I’m full of joy, but there are many things that I think are difficult when I act. Considering his upbringing and relationships with the other characters, it’s hard to forgive him, and communication is a low priority, so it’s difficult when it comes to speaking.

You’re careful when you act. What’s the point of that? Furukawa: From the beginning, I’ve always kept in mind that he’s a treasure shell human being and that he’s an incarnation of a lotus flower. While eliminating humanness, he still has something like a human heart. Probably, I think that Nataku himself wants to become stronger. It’s fun to do it because there are some ups and downs in the battle scenes and they show their motivation. He himself shared the feeling of “fun”. I’m happy to have it, and I feel that I’m one with him.

On February 3rd and 4th, there were 3 live performances of “Idolmaster SideM” at the Makuhari Event Hall. What preparations have you made? Furukawa: This time, there were 4 new songs: 2 overall songs, 1 new song from Café Parade, and 1 joint song with 3 units. I’m not good at dancing, so I had a hard time getting into the choreography, and I have a strong impression that it was really hard. However, seeing everyone at the venue waving their penlights and cheering us on, and hearing the cheers, we felt that it was a direct strength for us, and I really feel that it was a wonderful live. The second day felt like the culmination of our previous performances. We were able to perform all the songs and unit songs that we have sung so far, and the members also had conversations behind the scenes, saying, “It was the happiest I’ve ever been at a Café Parade live.” In that sense, I think I was able to return the power I felt from everyone on the first day with my performance.

How do you feel about the concerts in Fukuoka on March 25th and Shizuoka on April 28th? Furukawa: By the time this magazine comes out, the performance in Fukuoka will be over. To be honest, I’m completely satisfied with everything I’ve done on the second day in Makuhari, so I have no idea what the next show will be like. However, I have had the experience of being successful once, and I feel that it is because of you that we are able to do it. So, in Fukuoka, I think we will be able to put on a live performance that is as good as the first two days in Makuhari. At Shizuoka in April, I hope to deliver a performance full of happiness that will conclude the tour.

What kind of relationship did you have with the members during practice? Did you talk? Furukawa: I’m pretty close with the members of Café Parade, so I’ve only talked about things that I can’t write here (laughs)! After practise, we went out to eat and talked until the shop closed, but it wasn’t enough, so we moved to a 24-hour shop. I often feel that people don’t want to go home. I feel that the camaraderie among the units grows with each live performance.

Since you will be starting you solo career this year, please tell us your thoughts on singing under your own name. Furukawa: At this point, I am half anxious and half motivated. Until now, I’ve been singing with the help of the work, but I’m worried about how many people will enjoy my solo music activities as Makoto Furukawa. To be honest, I feel scared that I personally have to take on the part that the character has taken care of. However, to that extent, I can, in a sense, get rid of the shackles and deliver the thoughts and methods of expression that I have only been able to convey through my characters, in a wider range of options than ever before. I’m really looking forward to it. Hurry up on stage, I want to see everyone’s reaction.

It will be serialized in KIKI from April. Please tell us what kind of series you want to make, your ideas, and your enthusiasm. Furukawa: I’m on Twitter, but I only talk about announcements or “Fate” (laughs). I think it would be great if I could let people know that I am here.

Please give a message to your fans. Furukawa: This time, I was asked to take a photo that I think it the most mature one I have ever taken. I also think that I look different than usual. The costumes and staging this time are very close to what I had longed for when I was working as an artist, so when I present the song to everyone, if you think back on this photo, the image will expand even more. Since the serialization will start on KIKI, I think that I will have more opportunities to communicate with everyone!

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