Sho Nogami & Takeaki Masuyama (Voice Newtype Vol. 81 2021)野上 翔 & 益山武明

Now in its 6th year, the young voice actor project “8P” is expanding its activities beyond variety shows to include music, drama CD’s, and games. This is the final round of the dialogues that appeared in order. What are your thoughts about the evolution of the project and the trust you have gained in your colleagues through your activities so far?

Please tell us about your first impressions of each other, how it changed during the “8P” activities, and how it remained the same. Masuyama: The first I met Nogami-kun was on another radio program, and since then he has been a person who listens carefully to what people are saying and returns the ball properly. My first impression is that he’s a polite person. Even now, when I talk with Nogami-kun, I naturally feel happy. I think it’s wonderful that he is good at talking and listening. Nogami: When I was on the radio, I really felt Masuyama-kun’s chivalrous spirit. So, at first, I got the impression that he was a solid person. In the “8P” scene, he organized things, but just because he’s masculine doesn’t mean he’s stubborn. There were some things that made me want to go out (laughs), and I got the impression that he was a cute person. Masuyama: Nogami-kun is often criticized during “8P” activities, and people who don’t know Nogami-kun may think he’s a sharp person, but that’s just to liven things up. He will do it properly even if he’s criticized. Even though he says he don’t want to do it, I wonder if he’s hurting himself by being so serious about the job (laughs). Nogami: It’s a tough world to live in (laughs). Masuyama: It’s cute to see. He’s skilful in his actions, but clumsy in his way of life.

Through the activities of “8P”. Nogami: If I may say this without fear of being misunderstood, at first I thought that I had zero value as “Sho Nogami” because I was not involved in the work, and I had nothing on my shoulders. I was very reluctant to put myself out there. If anything, I still have that feeling a little bit, and I think that the clumsy way of life that Masuyama-kun talked about is due to that. The reduction in that sense of resistance has been a major change in the activities of “8P.” Masuyama: For me, variety activities “8P” was my first time. As a voice actor, there are many times when you have to carry it all by yourself, so I think I had to think about how I could make it more interesting, such as whether I had to be strong in “8P” at first. In a good way, I felt a sense of relief from my shoulders, wondering if it was enough just to have fun. Even if I didn’t like it, people around me followed up on it and made it interesting, so I no longer had to worry about it all by myself.

Was there a trigger for this relationship? Masuyama: It’s not that there was an event, but rather that when we were working together to create the “8P channel”, when we were hurt, we were hurt together (lol), and it felt like all eight of us were getting a feel for it so naturally we were friends. Awareness began to grow. Nogami: A sense of solidarity was created. For example, in an etude, one when you do something funny, everyone gets excited? After all, one person seems to stand out. However, there is always someone who assists. In “8P” “Only I stand out, I’ll do it!” Masuyama: I think each other actor has his or her own ego, but it works in a good direction. If the spotlight is on me, I will shake it off without hesitation, and if it’s on someone else, I’ll do my best to cheer them on. In that sense, everyone may have had the basics of teamwork. Nogami: There were eight stand-up plays, and as a result, it became teamwork. I don’t think “8P” is a team play, so it might be a special form.

Is there anything you are inspired by or want to absorb from the members? Nogami: I am inspired. However, there are things that are suitable for people, and whether or not you want to absorb them is another matter. Everyone is so nice. No matter who you are alone with, you can have a good time and have a lively conversation. Eight adult men gathered together, and I think this kind of harmony is rare (laughs). Masuyama: As a voice actor, I work in the same industry, but I’m also a rival. It makes me happy to see it. Rather than saying, “I’m frustrated, I’ll do my best too,” I feel like, “You did it!” is more stimulating, it makes me feel better. I feel good about my friends who make me feel that way.

Let us know what you think of the drama CD “Heaven & Lost”. Masuyama: Castor, played by Nogami-kun, and my Altair were both shocking developments. Nogami: It was a different subject than “8P” has done so far. When I read the script, I was surprised by the life-scraping story, and I thought it was interesting that the members were divided into friends and foes. As for the characters we play, parts that you don’t understand in Vol.1 alone will be revealed in Vol. 2. Masuyama: At first, we were split into four groups, but when we found out that Castor might have a connection on the enemy team, I thought it would be fun to see the place where the relationship changes. Besides, I still haven’t heard about Altair’s former teacher. Many unexplored settings. I think there are various things… Well, I betrayed you (laughs). Nogami: That’s the most surprising thing. Masuyama: We are still digging deep into the content. As Nogami-kun said, listening to it again will give you a different impression, so please look forward to future developments.

Please tell us about your future enthusiasm and what you want to try with “8P”. Nogami: If I get too enthusiastic about any kind of work, I end up running out of steam. I hope that I will not be overly enthusiastic and just say, “It will work out somehow.” Our collaboration with Otomate (the romance adventure game Paradigm Paradox) has also been well received, and we are seeing unexpected developments. I want to have a mindset that I can look forward to. Masuyama: Thanks to the support of all the fans, I was able to continue for five years. For collaboration projects, people will think, “If this is the kind of content that continues, I’d like to team up with “8P”. In the future, I hope that we will be able to do collaborations that will surprise people and make them wonder, “Are the voice actors collaborating with this?” I think it’s cool, and I’d be happy if people thought “8P” was amazing!

Column: Recommended movies for long autumn nights

  1. Sho Nogami (Vibo)

It is a musical animated film distributed on Netflix. It was a work recommended by the director who, and the song is wonderful, and it made me want to be able to dub it like this. It’s a story that both children and adults can enjoy, and I ended watching it two days in a row (laughs).

  • Takeaki Masuyama (Beauty and the Beast)

When I was a child, I thought of Gaston as the worst of all evils, but when I saw him as an adult, I found a certain refreshingness in seeing him do whatever it takes to get the girl he liked. I felt it, and I didn’t hate him (laughs). It’s interesting to feel the difference in perspective as an adult.


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