Kentarou Kumagai & Shouhei Komatsu (Voice Newtype Vol. 74 2019)

熊谷 健太郎 & 小松 昌平

“Goalous5” formed by Kentarou Kumagai, Shouhei Komatsu, Junta Terashima, Shugo Nakamura, and Toshinari Fukamachi started activities in May this year with the concept of “conquering the world”. This time, we asked Kumagai-san, who is in charge of blue, and Komatsu-san, who is charge of green, to tell us the story behind the birth of “Goalous5.”

First of all, please tell us about your first meeting. Kumagai: The first time we met was at the set of “Idolmaster SideM,” so, three or four years ago? Komatsu: At that time, we often talked about working hard together as fellow students. But other than that, I didn’t have much contact with them, so I was happy to be able to work with them on “Goalous5” this time. Kumagai: Back then, for some reason the two of us went to orchestras together. Komatsu: I also went to a ramen shop. To be honest, at that time I didn’t know how to get along with him, so I just had to talk to him, and I felt like I was forcing myself (laughs).  Kumagai: In order to deepen our friendship, you were working hard. Komatsu: I can be natural in front of Kumagai-kun. Kumagai-kun and I have always wanted to do something together. I’m cool, I love people! Kumagai: What, all of a sudden (laughs). Although we work in different offices, we started working in the same year. When I found that I could create a program with Shouhei, I was genuinely happy.

How do you feel about the setting of “Goalous5”, an “evil organization” and “conquer the world with your voice?” Komatsu: Nothing was decided at first. Kumagai: It all started with a meeting where everyone got together. Since there are five people, how about a squadron? Komatsu: The phrase “world voice fortune” also came up at that meeting. So, when it comes to world domination, it’s aliens, and that’s when I started creating the settings… Fukamachi-san, who was in charge of pink, has that remnant (laughs). After going through many different ideas, we picked up some interesting ones, and now we have Goalous5.

This is a group made up of everyone. Was the image colour also in the meeting? Komatsu: The image colour was a process of elimination. Kumagai: We talked about removing colours that were difficult to use, and it was a vague way of deciding who would choose which colour. Komatsu: At first, it was just a colour assigned according to the atmosphere of the place, but now it feels right. I’m glad it was green. Kumagai: I didn’t feel uncomfortable from the beginning. Komatsu: Blue is perfect from the beginning (laughs). We all pointed fingers at each other. “Who thinks it’s blue?” Kumagai: I think it took a long time to decide on white. I think everyone is familiar with it now.

Goalous5 Channel started on YouTube and it’s expanding. Are there any changes in your relationships? Komatsu: I have a strange relationship with White. Formerly, I didn’t know how to deal with him. He is an upper system; the words are also unique… (laughs). But gradually I get a sense of the distance! Kumagai: The relationship between white and green values are rough in a good way. Komatsu: That’s right. There were some parts that I refrained from, but even in the exchange, rival settings were added, and it was simply a friendly relationship. I think it’s gotten better. Kumagai: My first appearance on the program was in the same episode as Shouhei-san. Yellow, white and pink are in charge for one month. After that, the episodes of those three people were really interesting. I tried too hard to something interesting and ended up being just a weird person… Komatsu: It’s the funniest thing to see right now (laughs). Kumagai: I’m too embarrassed to be seen (laughs). After that, as we worked together, I began to get a feel for how the five of us interacted. There are a lot of interesting people here, so I decided to go with the flow. We were good friends from the beginning, but the biggest change for me personally was that I became more comfortable.

On January 2nd, the first event “Seifuku Daisukusen!~Gathering! Goalous5~” will be held. What kind of event do you want to make? Kumagai: Everyone who comes to the venue is a member of Goalous5, so I would like to make an event that spreads good word of mouth. I hope that people will say, “That evil organization was fun,” and spread the word. Komatsu: We’re executives, so I’d really like you to become Green’s subordinates. I want to increase the number of Green friends! If you want to join the Green team, please wear Green goods and cheer for Green when he or she is about to lose heart. I want to create an event that makes people think, “I want to work under this executive.”

What kind of activities do you want to do with “Goalous5” in the future? Komatsu: Of course, as a voice actor, I want to captivate everyone with my voice. I think it would be great if there were more plays and voice content. Kumagai: Like the Goalous5 drama CD. The CD of the theme song “Go! Goalous5!” was released in November. Even if there is a drama track as the basis, it might be interesting. And since there are five of us who work with voices, the content that has been delivered is good.

Please give a message to the readers. Kumagai: It’s no exaggeration to say that I’ve been able to post this on “Voice Newtype” this time, and it’s already a blessing for “Voice Newtype!” I would be happy if there were more people. Komatsu: You took a lot of pictures, and I wonder if those of you who are interested will watch our program… Kumagai: It’s crazy (laughs). Komatsu: If you don’t stop there, and if you become captivated by our gap, that’s what makes me the happiest. “Goalous5” is an evil organization, but it’s an organization with many sides. I’ve heard that gaps are popular with women around the world, so I hope you enjoy watching the gaps between interesting videos.

Column: My Christmas!’

  1. Shouhei Komatsu

When I was working part-time, the store manager bought me a cake for Christmas. I was hoping for a raise (laughs). Now, rather than the hourly wage, I would like to thank you for giving me the best gift of being a member of Goalous5.

  • Kentarou Kumagai

When I was in kindergarten, I had a vague sense of Santa’s existence, so I relentlessly searched the whole house for presents (laughs). My ideal Christmas is basically for indoors, so I want to spend it in a warm room while eating delicious chicken and ice cream while watching the “Goalous5” video!


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