Hiroyuki Yoshino (Voice Animage Plus January 2018)

吉野 裕行

Feel the power of nature with a magnificent and refreshing MV!

What kind of theme was the lead song “Innocence” of the 4th mini album “Emotional” produced? Yoshino: It all started with a suggestion from the director that this song would require the voices of the audience, and that we should make a song that relied heavily on the voices of the audience rather than a call-and-response. The image is that I sing while the audience sings, so when I sing live, I might feel lonely if the audience doesn’t sing (laughs). My style is usually to choose the lead song after recording a few songs, but this it was decided with a bang. When I listened to the song, what I felt was “liberation of the soul” and “liberation of emotions,” so Kisuke-san wrote the lyrics with that as the theme.

Yoshino-san, what image do you have of the word “innocence”? Do you like it? Yoshino: When I heard only the word, I had a childish image of innocence. However, when I looked it up, it also meant that there was no attachment, no worldly desires, and purity, so it seemed like a good title for this song. If I were you, I tend to pick up words in the lyrics and use them as titles, but I think it’s wonderful that the title is “innocence” in these lyrics.

When I listened to “innocence”, I felt that it was a song that suited the vastness of nature, and the MV was exactly what I imagined! Yoshino: I also thought that if we were to shoot a music video for this song, it would be better to do it in an open space rather than indoors. This song is one that reverberates, so I wanted to shoot with a voice that matches that. When I told the director what I was associated with, such as lakes and bonfires, he put together a plot based on that. I’m glad the weather was nice on the day of the shoot, but it was really cold (laughs). The boat scene was actually shot near the shore. They took this picture while I was holding the boat in the lake.

It is so. In the video, it looked like they were actually crossing the lake on a boat. Yoshino: I could have just released it, but the camera couldn’t keep up (laughs).

I would like to hear about other recordings as well. “Encounter” is rock with a sense of speed. Yoshino: This song was actually one of the songs that was on the list when we were selecting Uncle Bomb songs, but it wasn’t selected. However, the director said it was a good song, so I corrected the parts that bothered me and proceeded with it as my song. The key word in the lyrics is “love at first sight”, but there are many different things about love at first sight. There are romantic things, encounters with things, and different types of rice (laughs). I didn’t dare to specify in detail, I just told him to write “impulsively, passionately.” Also, the first person in the lyrics is not “boku” or “ore”, but “self” as it applies to everyone. I gave it a minute.

What kind of image did you create for “Twisted Night?” Yoshino: I asked him to create a song that would develop dramatically from the beginning of the song, imagining the theme of a certain anime, and make it feel like it’s driving you up. At the time of the interview, it wasn’t finished yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of song it will turn out to be. “Siren” is a song that was made because I wanted to do something a little bad looking like rock music. While “Twisted Night” has lyrics from a female point of view, this one is more masculine. I also asked Kisuke-san to write the lyrics. The chorus explodes with the hoarding, making it an appealing song.

“Sayonara” is a beautiful medium, it’s a ballad. Yoshino: There are parts that sound bright, but it would be nice if I could express the moment when winter changes to spring with a slightly sad song. At first, I wrote the lyrics myself while having discussions with the director. But I wanted to use it as a keyword. Now I feel that it would be difficult for me to sing the lyrics I wrote myself with the theme of “broken heart.” After thinking about it, I decided to ask Saeki youthK-san for the lyrics. For songs with these themes, I prefer simple expressions rather than abstract words. However, Saeki-san put it in the lyrics. I felt that this kind of atmosphere was good, so I asked him to incorporate it into the lyrics. In this mini-album, the overall line-up has a lot of lonely elements, so “It’s a Show Time” is a happy song. The production was based on the image of the moment when a person who is usually unattractive becomes the main character. I chose the lyrics in a competition, and I like the part “It’s a Show Time” written by Moritsuki Cass-san, which includes wordplay such as “Iza Invitation” and “Love’s True Identity.”

It’s a mini album with a lot of variety, but which song left a particularly strong impression on you during this recording? Yoshino: “Siren” maybe. Slow singing with a double chorus… It has a mellow feel, yet the world view is very clear, and the lyrics are dark. If you make a mistake, the character song going to take a more casual approach than singing, but if I do that, it won’t be a song as Hiroyuki Yoshino, so it was difficult and hard work.

Yoshino-san, you often use the word “Goen” on SNS. Especially in the last few months, there have been many live performances and events, and I think I have made many more connections. Yoshino: If the event is held only in Tokyo, there will be people who will try their best to come, but there will be people who will find it difficult to come. Thank you for your help. It made me realize once again that there are people who are difficult to meet if we don’t go. I feel that there are not only connections that are made through your efforts, but also connections that are made through my efforts, so I want to increase that number even more. An event is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, so I would like you to cherish that moment and share it.


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