Daisuke Hirose & Shunichi Toki (Voice Newtype Vol. 81 2021)

廣瀬大介 & 土岐 隼一

“Project Sekai Colourful Stage!” It is a content where you can enjoy the story of five units growing up under the guidance of a virtual singer, newly written songs by popular creators, and numerous famous songs in a rhythm game. This time, one of the units “Wonderlands x Showtime” Daisuke Hirose, who plays the role of Tenma Tsukasa, and Shunichi Toki, who plays the role of Kamishiro Rui, talk about the appeal of “Project Sekai.”

It has been years since the app distribution started. What kind of year was it for you two? Toki: Including the games and music, it’s been a very busy year, and it’s only been a year. That’s my impression. Hirose: Thinking about it since the audition, it’s been about two years since we started working together, so maybe it feels like more time has passed. Toki: Me and Daisuke-kun do an informational program “Project Sekai Wandasho Channel” once a month. I feel that it was a very packed year. Hirose: More and more new things. There is new information every month, and I didn’t think that “Wandasho Channel” would also be distributed every month (laughs). I believe that I still have many things to draw on, and I’m looking forward to the year ahead.

How has the reaction been from the fans? Hirose: There have been many opportunities to feel closer to them through “Nneru.” Toki: My personal impression is that “Project Sekai” has increased the number of opportunities for people to get to know me. Vocaloid seems to be close, but it’s a world far away. There are many music games out there, and we have had the opportunity to sing character songs, but I think this is the first time we’ve sung together with a virtual singer like Hatsune Miku. Vocaloid fans knew about me thanks to “Project Sekai.” Hirose: I feel that the passion and love of the users is amazing. Fans are familiar with virtual singers, but I think it was unknown how the original characters would intertwine and whether they would be accepted by everyone. However, when I opened the lid, I felt that all the people who loved the work were enjoying “Project Sekai” with a strong amount of passion and love. Toki: In a good way, it stretches your spine. Hirose: Same.

What do you have in common with the characters? Please tell each other. Hirose: You are good with words and the amount of knowledge of Rui-kun and Toki-kun are plenty. That knowledge is not dormant, and it opens up in various directions instantaneously. Toki: Tsukasa and Daisuke-kun have “flowers”. I’m speaking of charisma. It might be nice, but when you’re on stage and when you’re performing, you’re eye-catching. Also, Tsukasa is still in the development stage and is dangerous, but I feel that there is something about him that attracts people, and he is a character that is loved and teased. Daisuke-kun is also a beloved character, and when he’s with someone he’s on good terms with, he gets teased (laughs). I think that Tsukasa and Daisuke-kun are close in that they have a charm that makes it fun to mess around with them. Hirose: Toki-kun is always good with words like this (laughs).

Do you feel that you have something in common with the character you play? And what do you like about it? Toki: I’ve been thinking about how Rui-kun can be interesting. Rui-kun is always thinking about what he should do to make everyone smile in this situation. I even acted strangely. That’s something I don’t have (laughs). But I’m an entertainer who wants to make everyone smile and create a warm atmosphere. I want to emulate the ability to retain, and I think it’s close to my roots. Hirose: Tsukasa is self-assured and assertive, but at the same time, he watches his surroundings very much. I always want to do something for the people around me. One of Tsukasa’s strengths is his strong feelings toward others, and I would like to emulate him. He’s usually cheerful, but when he’s worried about the other person, he takes on a serious tone. Toki: Daisuke-kun is also doing it. On the live broadcast, when he’s there, he’s playful, when he’s not, he’s serious. Perfectly consolidate your drawers. Hirose: When Toki-kun is here, I will do something about it, I’m kidding (laughs).

The characters in the story inspire each other and continue to grow. What character inspired you? Toki: Actually, it’s Rui-kun. He’s a relaxed and carefree character. This is the first time I have such a character. Hirose: There is also the atmosphere of a mad scientist. Toki: Yes, it is also glossy. Playing Rui-kun is a new attempt for me. Hirose: Speaking of which, I’m also Tsukasa. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a character like me. Toki: Personality-wise, it’s the opposite. Daisuke-kun is shy (laughs). Hirose: I’m the type to say, “I’m sorry, sorry” (laughs). Tsukasa’s positive attitude and the fact that he has no negative opinions is cool, and I am inspired every time.

Lastly, please give a message to your fans. Toki: We’re celebrating the first anniversary, I think it’s thanks to everyone who enjoys it. I think it reflects all the efforts of those who genuinely enjoyed the app, even though we weren’t able to hold an event with a large number of people. We are also proud to be a member of “Wandasho.” I would like to create a performance together with the staff, so please continue to support “Project Sekai,” “Wonderlands x Showtime,” and Rui. Hirose: I think that singing a Vocaloid song is a very high hurdle. After a year, I’d like to return to my original intentions, or rather, because it’s been a year, I’d like to strengthen my mind and devote myself to delivering even more wonderful things. Also, I would be happy if the fans would continue to send us their passionate love, and your love will become our energy. I hope that you will continue to liven up “Project Sekai” and run with us, so please continue to support us.

Column: Recommended movies for long autumn nights

  1. Daisuke Hirose (Atashinchi)

It’s a story about a mother and a mandarin orange swapping places, and it depicts the hardships of the mother and the children. Looking at it now, I can understand the feelings of both of them, and it makes me cry when I say “Atashinchi”. I was moved in many ways. I recommend watching “Atashinchi” after becoming an adult!

  • Shunichi Toki (Nice Tie)

I like to watch horror movies in hot weather, but this is the last movie that I definitely watch in early autumn. A clumsy lawyer searches for a witness to a case, and that person is the ghost of a samurai, a comedy film by Koki Mitani-san. It’s not scary, so even those who don’t like horror can enjoy it!


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