Chiharu Sawashiro & Kento Hama (Voice Newtype Vol. 77 2020)

沢城千春 & 濱 健人

The anime of “A3!” Season Autumn & Winter will start broadcasting from October. We asked Chiharu Sawashiro, who plays the role of Banri Settsu, the leader of the Autumn Troupe, and Kento Hama, who plays Taichi Nanao, the mood maker of the Autumn Troupe, about their thoughts on the work and characters.

How did you feel about re-acting the story of the Autumn Troupe in the anime? Sawashiro: The “A3!” game app is now in its fourth year. I was very happy to hear that the game was being adapted into an anime. Playing Banri in the anime again, I think I was able to deepen the work and character in myself. Hama: I remember, but there were quite a few things that I almost forgot. For example, how Banri and Juza Hyodo fought (laughs). Sawashiro: Certainly (laughs). Hama: As something unique to the Troupe, we do a one-man show called “Portrait”, in which you talk about your life on stage. I have to say my biggest regret in public. I don’t think I can talk about it in a good mental state, so I was really worried about how I should act as a play and whether I should listen to the voice of the game again. In the end, I didn’t dare ask, went to the studio and groped.

Please introduce the character you are playing. Sawashiro: Banri Settsu has a straight and serious side at his core, but when he joined the company, he thought that every day was boring. Because he has the dexterity to do everything well, he also feels indecisive to himself. I think he’s a child who can’t find what he wants to do, and he’s feeling confused.

Why did a delinquent like him join the theatre company? Sawashiro: That’s why he joined the theatre company? (laughs). But that haphazard event ended up being a turning point in Banri’s life.

On the other hand, Hama-san played Taichi Nanao. Hama: Taichi has things he wants to do, and he wants to be like this, but he can’t do it well. If you look at Taichi and think he’s flimsy or you don’t really like him, you’re right. I want you to think about why you thought that through the story of the Autumn Troupe, and I want you to see the ending.

What kind of group do you think is the autumn group? Hama: Everyone is strong! Sawashiro: And at first, we thought of each other as enemies (laughs). Hama: The group consists of Omi (Fushimi) and Taichi. It would be terrible if it didn’t. Those two is relatively mild-mannered, but Banri, Juza and Sakyo (Furiuchi), the three of them are always bouncing off each other. Omi and Taichi and the other three connect the path of sexuality. I think it was a big part of what I was trying to do. Sawashiro: Omi is a story if you don’t stay (laughs). Don’t think it’s the command tower of the shadows. Hama: Omi immediately notices change in his surroundings. Sakyo is the fortune of the theatre company. A person holding a cloth and thinking of things more reasonably. He rationally thinks that he need money to live. If it weren’t for him, the theatre company’s budget would be in serious trouble (laughs). Sawashiro: It’s hard to hold back the Autumn Troupe with only Omi. When a fight starts, Sakyo-san will give a shout. Thank you. Hama: If it wasn’t for Sakyo-san, the relationship between Banri and Juza might have gotten even worse. Sawashiro: Because Sakyo-san but the two of them in the same room. I think the idea was to get along with each other by thoroughly facing each other. Hama: Banri wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Juza. Sawashiro: Yes, if there were no Juza, there would be no Banri in this story. I think Juza is the purest person. Hama: Maybe he likes acting the most in the Autumn Troupe. Sawashiro: And most of all, clumsy. I think clumsy people will eventually surpass skilful people. I’m clumsy too, so I’d like to believe that. I feel sympathy for the clumsy Juza, so I want to support him. Hama: That’s me too!

Frankly, what did you think when you saw the world of “A3!”? Sawashiro: The stage performance of each group is cleaner now. Hama: The three-dimensional effect came out! In games of course, but I think it’s drawn even more wonderfully in the anime. It leaves room for imagination. Well, I’ll follow up on the content of the performance. It’s getting easier.

How do you feel about your growth over the years? Hama: In the game, Taichi became a college student, so they asked me to lower my voice intentionally. Looking at everyone’s reactions on social media, I’m glad that many people noticed that my voice was low and that I had matured, and that they accepted me. Sawashiro: Banri was the first audition. There were a lot of rough words like, “Don’t be silly!” He was basically arguing with people, but as the story progressed, he became softer. I think he’s changed because he’s becoming tsukkomi and talking brightly with everyone, but these days. Too many people… Hama: Looking for stimulation? (laughs) So, when another problem arises in the future, I secretly hope that there will be a scene similar to the old Banri. After all, the Autumn Troupe wants to go crazy (laughs).

How did you two spend your time during the period of refraining from going out? Hama: As I mentioned in “Voice Newtype No. 076”, I play games all the time at home. However, during this period, I enjoyed playing games, but I think that people who are working hard every day looking forward to anime and events must have accumulated stress. After that, I’m very happy to announce that I have resumed work and have been involved in an interesting work. I felt that I is important not to push yourself too hard at this time of year and to find what you can do. Sawashiro: When I see you all again, I want to become a person who has grown a step further, so I thought I would use this time to input and accumulate various things. I would like to change my way of thinking that a crisis is an opportunity and meet everyone in the best possible way.

In the anime “A3!” Season Autumn & Winter, please tell us what to see. Sawashiro: I think you enjoyed the refreshing and energetic “A3!” Season Spring & Summer. Hama: I’ll become a carnivore (laughs). Sawashiro: Those who have been interested in the anime will be able to enjoy it even more if they also play the game. I also do stage performances, so I would like you to see all of “A3!” Hama: I also hope that you will that this opportunity to like “A3!” more and more. I would be happy if the circle of “A3!” expanded further.

Column:Little happiness

  1. Chiharu Sawashiro (Ramen)

I often only 1-2 meals a day, so I don’t gain a lot of weight. When I eat, I sometimes eat ramen, half rice, and gyoza all at once. I’m happy when I eat a lot of my favourite foods like that (laughs).

  • Kento Hama (Sake)

I gained weight due to self-restraint, so I went on a diet of sugar restriction and alcohol abstinence for 17 days. After that, when I drank alcohol for the first time in a long time, I thought it was really delicious and I was happy. Even now, I limit myself to one can of alcohol a day!


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