Taku Yashiro, Daiki Hamano & Yuko Sanpei (Voice Newtype Vol. 74 2019)

八代 拓, 濱野 大輝 & 三瓶 由布子

The palms and situation we received in the southern paradise, we will dance brilliantly for the 5th anniversary year!

A gentle song that warms your heart. Hamano: I thought it was a fresh song with a calmness that expresses the personalities of these four members, and also a new side that you can’t see in the usual units. (Michiru Enjouji is more pressured than the other three, so instead of being belligerent, it’s important to sing in a way that’s easy-going and enveloping. Yashiro: Michiru-san looks good visually, don’t you think? In that sense, you might be the one who suits the cast the best (laughs). It’s a wonderful song that picks up the mysterious part of Thailand. “My pen light, SMILE” (it’s okay) and “cup cup” (thank you) were keywords that you had with Tsubasa, so it was easy to get into. Sanpei: It overlaps with the spectacle of the penlights lit by the producers, right? Yashiro: After all, it’s a work with a man who likes puns. Sanpei: There is such a “315 section” as well (laughs). I thought it was refreshing, and I thought it was nice to feel like I was in a foreign country.

“Mokuromi India Night” in India is like an Indian movie, a lively song. Sanpei: Yes, it is completely different from Thailand. Hamano: The colouring of the jacket is both golden, but the warmth of Thai Khom Loi and Indian, the difference between the gorgeous royal palace feeling is interesting, isn’t it? Sanpei: The song is about a musical-style drama, so I think I should sing with passion. I got through it (laughs). “Accha” is “Good” and Ryou it’s surprising that it had the opposite meaning to the “Gyaooo!” Hamano: The harmony of the three of us…

Can you get it, Sanpei-san? Hamano: At the end (laughs). (Heaven among the two people, Touma Amagas and Ryou-kun) There is a person named Kirio (Nekoyanagi). When the spice mixes and melts, I think it fits comfortably. Yashiro: No matter what kind of song it is, the individuality of the three of us will never disappear. I was impressed by the fact that combining them, the power increased even more. Has there ever been a song with so many conversations? It’s fun, like riding a roller coaster, with all kinds of sounds coming one after another. Sanpei: Our plan is to have everyone dance in the background. Yashiro: I want to enjoy free dancing!

What do you think idols will do in each country? Yashiro: The four Thais seem to be less likely to have incidents than when they are in their own units. Hamano: It’s true that there are no mischievous people. Yashiro: I think even Tsubasa is starting to feel so lonely that he doesn’t say “so-so.” Hamano: Michiru watches martial arts, goes around the food stalls and finds things that can be used in ramen, and he seems to have the most fun. Sanpei: Ryou is being swayed by Touma and Kirio. Also, as usual, he was forced to dress up as a woman by a local. Hamano: Ah, I can imagine Ryou being in trouble because he was proposed to by the Royal Family.

The song “Meet the World!” common to all series. “The IdolmasterSideM – 4th Stage~Treasure~” It’s shown everywhere. Yashiro: The theme song for this series. While singing, I became a voice actor. When I didn’t know right or left, I played the role of a wing. This and challenging the unknown. I thought that feeling was similar to “Idolmaster SideM.” I think Tsubasa also wants to travel the world with everyone, so he’s happy to be able to see various scenery in this way. Hamano: During live performances, I sang a lot. I felt the ease and wondered why. So, when I broke down the lyrics during the recording, I realized that Michiru was originally a man who was challenging himself to face the world. A song that has a lot of sympathy for Michiru, as it makes you feel like you’re going to take on more and more challenges with the hope you found while working with new friends. Sanpei: Good story! Me too, with everyone I hope I get the chance to sing. I thought 315 Production would finally aim for the world, but if we were to actually go, where would we go first? Hamano: Idol culture is also thriving, so I think Thailand would be good. Well, when I came back to Japan, I became a local person that Yashiro-san didn’t know. Yashiro: Huh, I made a mistake! Shugo Nakamura-san and Yuma Uchida-san noticed that! Hamano: Whether it’s on an airplane or on the Shinkansen, I can’t wait to see scenery that I’ve never seen outside the window. Hey, in the local area, you can experience new air, eat delicious food, and use your five senses. We value having fun. Sanpei: Ryou also sang, “It’s better to share.” I want to go with someone. Hamano: Same. Yashiro: I don’t travel alone either. When I went abroad for the first time, I was so excited that I boarded the plane without eating or sleeping, which made me sick. Also, if you have too many plans, it will feel like a job, so don’t worry about time. Do you want to enjoy yourself without being bored? Well, it all boils down to the five senses! Hamano: Was it five senses? (laughs).

Please tell us what you felt about the song “Pride Star” and your enthusiasm for future live performances! Yashiro: “Pride Star”. After looking back, I really like the fact that the world that spreads out from there is sung. That’s why, in the beginning, it was the three of us, Dramatic Stars, but it became such a beautiful universe. For me, I have a strong sense that Tsubasa is an existence that has been deepened by the past five years and the events with the people who have supported me, so I hope that the next live will also be filled with the splendour of “SideM.” I will do my best to enjoy it so that I can show it to you. Hamano: Up until now, you may have been worried that it was still a challenge, but this song is full of confidence, and it makes your masters think that you are shining instead of just doing your best. I don’t think so. I sang it first at Ani-Summer the other day, but the choreography is also big. It’s loud and open. I felt that it would be uncool if I didn’t do it openly. There are people who have loved idols for five years, and I have been doing it for three years. I hope that I can grow as a person as well. Sanpei: That’s right. I think there will be parts that will grow as actors and parts that will not change, but we also want to enjoy ourselves, and we want the producers who watch us to have the most fun, I want to create such a world. Especially since I couldn’t stand on stage with everyone this year, I’m looking to the next live. Let’s make 2020 such that when we look back on it, we can think, “It was an important time.”

Column: My Christmas!

Sanpei: Like a certain overseas comedy movie… Hamano: I want that to happen! Sanpei: No (laughs). I have always admired the large Christmas trees that appear in foreign movies. But first of all, I’m having trouble with storage. Yashiro: We have no choice but to plant a fir tree at home. Hamano: I like it (laughs). I wanted to try a whole fat roasted turkey, so let’s have a party at home. Yashiro: Then, you’ll dress up as Santa and bring presents to children. When I was a child, I couldn’t forget how I excited I was even to smell the wrapping paper of presents. I want to see someone’s happy face too. Sanpei: No, no, is there a place to plant a fir tree? Rah!


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