Shogo Yano & Daiki Hamano (Voice Newtype Vol. 77 2020)

矢野 奨吾 & 濱野 大輝

A new step “New Stage Episode” series that the 6th year “Idolmaster SideM” takes. The 1st and 2nd instalments, which decorate the opening, are a seemingly dangerous pairing of a healthy lamb and a hungry beast!

Mofumufuen’s “Wonder x Marching!” is a song that makes you feel happy. Yano: It’s also connected to the drama part where the three of us try to convey the appeal of toys. Shirou (Tachibana) and Kanon (Himeno), who knew how to play like children from beginning. (Nao Okamura seems to have learned how to open a toy box only after he met him). Because there is such a thing, it’s more fun to get the producer involved and play with three people instead of one, and more than three people. I wish I could express that. Hamano: Even though he’s so cute, I can feel his professionalism. That’s Mofumofueri’s strength, and what it has in common with The Kogado is the “fighting trio.”  Yano: Yes. I’ve always said that Nao isn’t just cute, but he’s always fighting with himself to find out what’s cool. I’m encouraged by Nao, who has the courage to step forward and the strength to continue running after taking a step. Hamano: As much as I see Yano-kun and the others working hard at rehearsals, I feel that the glittering appearance of performing on stage makes me even more like 315 Production Idols. Yano: How does 11-year-old Nao turn on the switch? Besides, if you look around more, Shirou-kun and Kanon-kun are there too. Because there are two of us, I might be able to say that I’ve become accustomed to Nao-kun.

The Kogado is a “Hung Road” where you can feel the wildness of running. Hamano: There was something that had been built up since the first “St@rting Line” series. I was able to find that I was going to take on a different challenge than before. In terms of Michiru, I would like to stand at the true starting point of my days as a martial artist, and not as an agency or a unit, but as an individual, and I want to interweave and express the glaring passion of this song. Even the title of the song conveys the image of a carnivorous beast, rather than a voracious appetite. Yano: Lively and energetic. It’s a cool song! While it’s the culmination of the relationships between the groups, it makes you feel that The Kogado is really hungry, saying, “That’s not all.” Michiru is really big. In this song he also eats ramen with two other people (Takeru and Ren). It’s a song that’ll let you eat, isn’t it? No, I want to fill my heart, not my stomach (laughs). Yano: Your performance is also always overdone. You’re going beyond the past next time; I want you to fight in the air. Hamano: I’ll drive around the perimeter. Enjoy a large bowl of ramen while fighting two people in it.

You’ve also appeared in each other’s drama parts, but how did you feel about being in charge of the beginning of a new series? Yano: Fluffy. But when I think Nao and the others will discover more new “toys” in the world of idols and think about how to play with them, I’m genuinely looking forward to the future, and it seems like the possibilities of 315 Production. I wondered if it could become a unit that symbolizes many things. Hamano: I see. I’m a combination. I even thought it was inevitable. In terms of the pitch of the unit, even the highest and lowest parts of 315 Production have meaning, and they seem to be polar opposites, but in fact they are quite closely related. Shirou-kun admires Michiru, doesn’t he? Yano: There was also the time Nao became Ren’s disciple. Hamano: I think that there is a lot to learn from Mofumofuen, who has a high level of professionalism, in the case of The Kogadou.

What do you think about the new all-inclusive song “Next Stage?” Hamano: I think it’s a song that makes you feel the brilliance that it’s already different from those days. “Nice to meet you,” and then say, “Let’s go to the future together.” Yano: Actually, there are lyrics with a heart mark, but I thought that I was able to express myself because I had accumulated experience and confidence while valuing my original intention.

What have you recently discovered within yourself, or have you felt a sense of opening a door? Yano: The manager taught me how to keep the washing tub clean (laughs). I’m spending a fulfilling day by making a fresh start, cleaning the house, buying an electronic keyboard, and trying things I’ve never tried before. Hamano: Recently, I got a big role, and for some reason I got really scared. But if you look at the work as a whole, it’s still a part of it, and I think all you have to do is steadily present what you’ve done so far. That I don’t have to get too excited and try new things… and I’ve discovered that I’m timider than I thought. Yano: It’s a good story to talk about later! I’m the same age as Dai-chan and we’ve been co-starring since before “Idolmaster SideM”, so we’ve been working hard while showing each other’s faults. For me, it’s “Mabudachi”. Hamano: Oh, that’s a new discovery (laughs). Surprisingly, it’s the first time we’ve talked about “Idolmaster SideM” together, but I’m kind of happy that it’s time to start a new chapter.

What did you feel through the 2nd consecutive day in July of “Rainai Atte Tokubetsu Seisei Broadcasting!~M@ke you Proud~”, and what kind of existence “Idolmaster SideM” has become for you now. Hamano: I’m glad that I was able to once again feel the power of everyone who is usually active in their own places and faces the same direction. I want to develop my art so that I can give back to my teachers. Yano: I’ve seen videos of past live performances, and everyone is young, sweaty, and working hard. I thought there was something there that we should never forget. That is the “beginning” that I mentioned earlier. To be honest, it’s frustrating that the live was cancelled this year. I believe that all the staff and producers are part of 315 Production, so when I realize that I’m not alone in feeling that way, I feel doubly frustrated and want to do a live show. I felt stronger. When it is held someday, let’s hit all of them and have a blast!

Column: Little happiness

  1. Shogo Yano (Chatting)

Being able to talk to people and do what you are passionate about. When it was no longer taken for granted, I realized just how important it was for me. My first job after staying home was radio recording, and I was surprised at how much I could talk (laughs).

  • Daiki Hamano (Challenge)

Being able to work every day and being able to take on new challenges at all times. Hoping for even greater happiness when that challenge bears fruit, I now live each day savouring the joy of the day.


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