Uncle Bomb 3rd Event Daisuke Namikawa & Hiroyuki Yoshino (Voice Animage Plus January 2018)

浪川 大輔 & 吉野 弘幸

Developed under the theme of an educational program in connection with the event title.

The Kanto performance of the 3rd event “3 Channel” of Uncle Bomb, a unit by Daisuke Namikawa and Hiroyuki Yoshino, was held on December 2nd and 3rd, 2017. This event was staged in the style of an educational program in connection with NHK Educational TV (currently E-TV), which had three channels before television became terrestrial digital. The first day’s stage began with the opening VTR of the two, wearing animal costumes and murmuring, “Children’s shows are hard because they start early in the morning.” Then, with the title call “Ojisan to Issho!” Uncle Daisuke-san, also known as “Uncle Uta,” and Uncle Hiroyuki-san, also known as “Uncle Taiso” appeared on the stage in jerseys. When he called out to the audience, “Can everyone take a bath by themselves?” they sang and danced to “Hai flux” along with animals in costumes, and the venue was livened up from the beginning.

The Yoiko Funky Consultation Room, which started with the VTR of “Quiz Uncle Bomb,” was a corner where Namikawa-san, who was dressed like a flashy DJ, answered his worries. Yoshino-san, also known as Yocchin-kun, appeared from the audience in a kinder  garten uniform as the first person to consult with him! Let’s do it, and quickly solve the problem. In response to the problem that “I can’t think of a pose other than a piece when taking a picture,” Yoshino-san pulled the audience on stage and took a pose together. At the end, they sang, “Love, N. Bomb” to blow away her troubles by singing and dancing. Happening to sing while hooked on the foot. Seeing this, the audience erupted in cheers.

In the interlude VTR, “Let’s learn proverbs!” Namikawa-san. IN addition, in the VTR “Enjoy Cooking” after that, he showed a physical skit, such as eating curry pudding in the experiment that “adding curry to pudding makes it taste like castella.”

In the storytelling drama “Reading Neo Dowa,” the story of Cinderella is arranged in various patterns, and at the end it is connected to a lesson. The two actors acted by unique characters such as “Cinderella whose voice is not cute” and “Fat Prince,” and aggressive behaviour such as “You can’t find someone just by the size of their feet” and “Glass is not suitable for shoes.” The audience burst into laughter at this lesson. At the end, Namikawa-san acted coolly as a prince and concluded the corner with the lesson, “If the end is good, everything is good.”

And at the long-awaited corner, they performed songs from their latest mini-album “No Way.” But in “Yeahoh!!, they jumped out of the stage and went around the audience aisles to the very end. The fans who saw the two’s satisfied expressions up close were full of smiles.

During the ending talk, the audience was excited by the announcement of the release of Yoshino-san’s mini-album in January and the release of Namikawa-san’s new single in March. Namikawa-san, looking at the performance, reveals, “I would be happy if people were happy. In fact, even though each section was elaborated, the talk part was completely unplanned.” In response, Yoshino-san said, “I don’t have anything special to talk about, but I want to be like everyone’s uncle relatives.” Then, at the end, they sang, “Hitosubu no Hoshi” passionately. It was a lively event with lots of laughter.


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