Takuya Eguchi (Pash November 2020)

江口 拓也

Please tell us about the appeal of Nagi Rokuya, who you play, and how you feel that you have grown from the 1st to the 2nd season. Eguchi: Above all, his high specs! I think his appeal is that he can do everything. I think the thing that has made him grow is the breadth of his horizons. At first, he was so full of himself, but now he feels that he’s working for his friends.

Then, what is the charm of “Idolish7?” Eguchi: The process is wonderful. We will overcome hardships together. It is a place that teaches you what is important in life.

Are there any similarities between Eguchi-san and Nagi, or any similarities? Eguchi: Hmm, it’s quite difficult (laughs), because he is too special. Can you relate to the otaku temperament? (laughs).

For Eguchi-san, what kind of existence is Nagi Rokuya? Eguchi: It is a presence that shows us various possibilities. I have a lot of drawers that have increased because of him.

Tell us about the scenes that left an impression on you up the 4th episode of the 2nd season currently being broadcast. Eguchi: After all, it’s the first episode, “It’s finally started.” Many people had been waiting for it, so I was very happy to receive it.

What part of Nagi do you want people to pay attention to in future broadcasts? Eguchi: I’m in charge of variety shows so it would be great if I could deliver a soothing ingredient for chopstick rests (laughs).

What did you like from the OP theme song “Discover the Future?”  Eguchi: The 2nd A verse, “Even if you try to imitate someone else, you’ll never change your roots.”

The cover of this month’s issue is Yamato Nikaido, Mitsuki Izumi, and Nagi Rokuya. What is your impression of Yamato and Mitsuki? Eguchi: Yamato is a drinker (laughs). But we can rely on him. As expected of an adult. There is a mommy in Mitsuki (laughs). That’s why “Idolish7” wouldn’t be complete without him.

Which of the “Idolish7” events so far has left a particularly strong impression on you? Eguchi: Lives at the MetLife Dome (1st Live). I felt a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment, which left an impression on me. As an activity this year, RabbiTube is also impressive. I had a lot of freedom, so it was fun acting (laughs). I was searching for a realistic reaction in Nagi.

Lastly, please give a message to our readers. Eguchi: I will. Thanks to all of you, the second season of the anime has been broadcast. The original is the 5th anniversary. The story is still going on. Let’s watch their stories together.


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