Tsubasa Yonaga (Pash November 2020)

代永 翼

The charm of Mitsuki Izumi who plays in the 1st and 2nd seasons. I feel that he has grown a lot. Please teach me. Yonaga: The charm of Mitsuki and the places that he’s been. There are too many people to write about, but after all, even among Idolish7, I admire idols more than anyone else, and I continue to strive towards that goal. I can honestly express my gratitude to the members who made me an idol, not for myself. And we are always thinking about how we can bring out the individuality of each member.

What do you think is the appeal of Idolish7? Yonaga: The charm of Idolish7 is that although there are 7 members, they have different personalities and atmospheres, and none of them overlap. At first glance, they look disjointed, but they are all gathered around (Nanase) Riku. We want to support and make Riku, the absolute centre of Idolish7, shine. That’s why each can express their own individuality and follow each other properly. Even though it’s not family or relatives. It’s amazing to be able to do this first. And above all, no matter what happens, he won’t get discouraged. They are like that, so I want to support them, and I want to watch over them. That’s the charm!

Are there any similarities between Yonaga-san and Mitsuki, or any parts that you can sympathize with? Yonaga: Mitsuki’s occupation is a singer, and I’m voice actor, but I think we have similar thoughts and goals. Maybe we have similar personalities! He is a very hard worker and always thinks about what the members, the people around him, and the fans want. That’s why I must support Mitsuki, and I’ll be the one who understands him the most. I think I have to, and when I’m lost, Mitsuki pushes me back!

What kind of person is Mitsuki Izumi to you, Yonaga-san? Yonaga: He shared the joys and sorrows with me, brought out a new side of me, and is still my comrade in arms!

From the 4th episode of the 2nd season currently airing, which scene left an impression on you? Yonaga: After all, it’s the first episode of “Second Beat!” It’s because I’ve worked so hard without giving up until now. I couldn’t help but cry while hugging the Mitsuki doll at home. Re:Vale’s first appearance scene was like “Kita Kita!” After all, Momo-san and Yuki-san are both kind seniors, and it was like Mitsuki to want to be like Iori. Also, in episode 4 (the story of Iori becoming the centre) is also good. In the 2nd season, Riku’s cuteness has also been polished! Also, in episode 4, when Yamato-san evaded the topic, Nagi deliberately took over and deceived him. That scene made me think that Nagi was just as good. Actually, it was a scene that made me think that he was more mature than anyone else. I don’t want to make Nagi my enemy (laughs). Yamato-san and Mitsuki talked together, Yamato-san became emotional for the first time in the scene where he was doing it, so I couldn’t help but quibble, “You can make such a face.”

What part of Mitsuki would you like us to pay attention to in future broadcasts? Yonaga: It was also the PV for the resumption of broadcasting, but there is a story that will finally be a test for Mitsuki. It’s that scene where I cried while recording the app! It makes us think about what we, who live in the real world, should be aware of in our daily activities. I would appreciate it if you could prepare a handkerchief and watch it. I think even people who usually love Nagi will love him even more. And after watching it, please gently embrace Mitsuki as well.

Do you have any impressions or favourite phrases from the OP theme song “Discover the Future?” Yonaga: In freshness that has grown a step further. I thought it was a song that was very positive and optimistic! Inside are their names and letters of everyone at Takanashi Office. When I first received this document, I remember being deeply moved and still get goosebumps. Please pay attention to all the lyrics!

Who is the most popular idol in the 2nd season? Yonaga: It’s going to be a spoiler, but they also have trials waiting for them. I want you to pay attention to whether they can overcome them.

The covers of this month’s issue are Yamato Nikaido, Mitsuki Izumi and Nagi Rokuya. What is your impression of Yamato and Nagi? Yonaga: Yamato-san seems like a carefree person, but there are parts of him that can be relied on, such as bringing the members together and caring about the members (laughs). Like an exchange (laughs). However, there are still mysterious parts, so I think it’s cute that he can’t talk about with the members because he’s the oldest. If it’s around Mitsuki without having to deal with it all by himself, they should be able to talk with him. Because they’re close in age (laughs). Nagi is a really cute guy. He loves his members more than anyone else and is very dependable in times of need. That’s why, even Mitsuki can be spoiled by Nagi, and I can scold him properly. I respect him for being such a great guy who can get into other people’s hearts so naturally. Not only that, but Nagi also has a bit of a mysterious side. In that sense, Yamato-san and Nagi may be similar. Both extremes… but.

What has been the most memorable event for Idolish7 so far? Yonaga: I guess it was the event “Idolish7 Fan Appreciation Festival Vol. 1 ~ I have to talk about love with you!” where I met all the managers for the first time. I was able to realize that idols are loved by so many managers, and it was really, really fun, and I was nervous, but the time passed so quickly that I forgot about it. Because I thought it was also an event where “Mezzo” performed a song earlier than anywhere else.


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